‘Classic’ turnout

March 17, 2017

Matthew (left) and Neville (right) Purtill with men's Autumn Classic winners Carlos Gomez and Wayne Harris.

It was a fantastic weekend at Deniliquin Golf Club for the Purtills Autumn Classic.

The fields of 152 on both days were the strongest for some time and reflected the increasing interest in golf and our club.

It’s great to see so many people enjoying our game and the social atmosphere which comes as an added bonus.

Congratulations to all the winners at the weekend, in particular 36 hole handicap winners Carlos Gomez and Wayne Harris with 93 points, and the ladies 36 hole handicap winners Karen Druitt and Lyn Bond who scored 87.

The club would also like to record its thanks to Purtills for their ongoing support, in particular to Neville and Matthew Purtill who attended for the presentation ceremony on Sunday evening.

We would also like to note a correction from Tuesday’s Pastoral Times with Sunday’s ladies winners being Marg Marshall the winner alongside Jan Lord.

On Wednesday there was another excellent field of 66 and Peter Whittakers continued his good form to win A grade with 39 points, on countback from Simon Hogan.

B grade winner was Geoff Bracken on countback from Andrew Hall, both on 38 points, and C grade winner was Brian Dudley with 36, one clear of Ray Moye on 35.

The busy time on and off the course continues over the next two weekends.

Sunday is the first of the regular 12 hole events, to be held on the third Sunday of each month. This week the format is mixed fourball stableford.

Anyone who has participated in the Sixers competition is encouraged to have a hit - gather at 12.30pm for a 1pm shotgun start - then stay on for the Sixers wind-up and barbecue from 4.30pm.

Next weekend, Saturday March 25, we have the start of the Club Championships, with rounds two and three on Saturday April 1 and Saturday April 8. This event is sponsored by Big River Real Estate.

On Sunday March 26 there’s the popular St Michael’s School Holy Hit-out.

Time sheets for all events are in the Pro Shop.

If you are reading this column and not getting into the fun of golf, why not head down to free adult learners’ clinics which are held from 8.30am to 9.30am each Sunday morning.

The first round of junior clinics is also in full swing, from 4.30pm to 5.30pm on Friday afternoons for the next four weeks. Register at

Last week’s results:

Purtills Autumn Classic, Saturday March 11, 4BBB stableford:

Men - P Barnes and S Mills 48, r/u D and C Ramsey 46; ladies - W Pearce and S Simpson 46, r/u D Hunter and F Harrington 41.

Ball comp: Men - P Barnes, S Mills, C Gomez, W Harris, D Ramsey, C Ramsey, J Hunt, B Fitzmaurice, G Corboy, W Pitts, D Hamilton, B Long, G Willoughby, T Lugsdin, Ken Thompson, C Thompson, I Fuller, R Burnham, J Holden, R Landy, C Mitsch, R Resuggan, C Daw, I Penny, J Penna, K Weymess, M Marsden, J Lacey, A McLean, S Macambridge, c/o 43. Ladies - W Pearce, S Simpson, K Leetham, V Hutton, K Druitt, L Bond, P Davis, Y Holmes, D Hunter, F Harrington, c/o 41.

NTP: Men - 2nd G Willoughby, 5th P Joice, 9th B Long, 11th G Sluce, 13th Chris Thomson. Ladies - 2nd P Lloyd, 5th Y Holmes, 9th T Catt, 11th S Cohen.

Sunday, March 12: Men - N Nicholas and D Ring 48, r/u S Tilders and M Sutton 47; ladies - J Lord and M Marshall 44, r/u B Campbell and G Campbell 42.

Ball comp: Men - D Ring, N Nicholas, Chris Thomson, P Joice, C Gomez, W Harris, J Hunt, R Fitzmaurice, P Barnes, S Mills, B Bourke, D McQuie, G Corboy, W Pitts, M Sutton, S Tilders, R Millward, G Willoughby, T Lugsdin, T Grant, A Brunker, Ash Hall, J Kenna, K Keane, J Holden, R Landy, A Menadue, C Jeramiah. Ladies - K Bond, K Druitt, J Lord, M Marshall, P Davis, Y Holmes, D Hunter, F Harrington, K Leetham, V Hutton, c/b 42.

NTP: Men - 2nd B Fitzsmaurice, 5th S Mills, 9th P Joice, 11th G Sluce, 13th G Willoughby. Ladies - 5th Y Holmes, 9th S Simpson, 11th K Leetham, 13th P Davis.

36 hole events:

Men: Handicap - C Gomez and W Harris 93, r/u J Hunt and B Fitzmaurice 91. Scratch P Joice and Chris Thomson 79.

Ladies: Handicap - K Druitt and L Bond 87, r/u P Davis and Y Holmes 86. Scratch K Leetham and V Hutton 59.

Monday March 13, veterans results:

Winners - F Munnerley and R Smith, r/up B Leetham and P Robinson/

NTP: 5th P Robinson.

Tuesday March 14, ladies nine-hole stableford:

1st F Munnerley 21 pts, 2nd B Kerry 20 pts c/b, 3rd T Catt 20 pts, 4th L Kemp 19 pts c/b.

Ball comp: F Harrington, C Hardman, R Barnes, D Wharton, B Daniels, A Bull, P Taylor, S Aitken.

NTP: C Hardman.

Wednesday March 15, single stableford:

A grade P Whittakers 39, c/b S Hogan 39; B grade G Bracken 38, c/b A Hall 38; C grade B Dudley 36, r/u R Moye 35.

Ball comp: P Whittakers, S Hogan, G Bracken, Andrew Hall, P McMillan, G Willoughby, J Radeski, S King, C Mitsch, B Dudley, J Irwin, D Ring, R Mayo, R Bolton, R Moye, R Aitken, S Doyle.

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