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April 20, 2017

Corowa Golf

Many visitors were in town for Easter to enjoy our course and the nice weather.
A fair bit to report this week with the Easter Tournament, so better get on with it.
Monday, April 10 - Lady Niners: The ladies were good enough to leave me a note this week, really to remind their players that they will resume on Monday, April 29, 8.30 for 9am hit off.
Good hitting ladies.
Tuesday, April 11 - Golden Oldies – Stableford: The boys are back in business with this week’s winner John Culhane with 17 pts.
Runner up was Tom Bennett with 16 pts (on a countback).
Ball winner was Rob Packer and NTP was Keith Allsop.
Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Peter King 41 pts.
Runner up - Barry Hartz 37 pts.
Ball winners - Cliff Coghill, Chris Philpot, Brian Howard 35 pts, Alex McGillivray, Peter Justin, Neville King, John Stead 34 pts.
Thursday, April 13 - Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Allen Wood 39 pts.
Runner up - Ben Greer 39 pts.
Third - Phil Turnbull 39 pts.
Fourth - Andrew Love 38 pts.
Ball winners - David Matheson 37 pts, Guy Rowe, Doug Wood, Peter Carter, Paul Merritt 36 pts, Darren Hughes, Bill Black, Peter Tait, Martyn Cunningham, Gideon Rottem, Brian Howard 35 pts.
NTP’s - Ben Greer 4th, Neville King 27th.
Saturday, April 15 - Ladies 4BBB Stableford - Day one Easter Tournament: Winners - Sandra Lewis and Gay Richards 42 pts.
Runners up - Vera Mason and Margaret Bradford 40 pts.
Ball winners - Jutta Wheatley and Nola Carmosin 37 pts.
Men’s 4BBB Stableford - Day one Easter Tournament: A grade winners - Cody Cuthbert and Brett Cuthbert (both Commonwealth 48 pts.
B grade winners - Walter Larkin and Justin Bone (both Wodonga) 45 pts.
C grade winners - David Ford (Curlewis) and Russell Marshall (Benalla) 43 pts.
Ball winners - Ronald Roberts and Stephen Cooper 43 pts, Ray Arrowsmith and Rick Djohan (heritage) 42 pts, Gary O’Donoghue (Sandhurst) and Les Payne 42 pts, James McLean (Murray Downs) and Sam Sargood (Royal Melbourne) 42 pts, Blair Farley (Yering Meadows) and Phillip Arrowsmith (eastern) 42 pts, Nick Patton and Tim Patton 41 pts, Bruce Pearce and Laurie Kaviers 40 pts, Ian Rundell and Duane Kerwin (both Wangaratta) 40 pts, Gary Dunkinson (Yering Meadows) and Tyler Arrowsmith 40 pts, Alan Pleitner and Greg Witherden 40 pts, Jeremy Fraser and John Fraser 40 pts.
NTP’s - Tim Marshall 4th, Brett Cuthbert 27th.
Sunday, April 16 - Ladies 4BBB Stableford - Day 2 Easter Tournament: Winners - Louise Holden and Maureen Jeeves 46 pts.
Runners up - Marg Tobin and Jenny Edmanson (Portarlington) 40 pts.
Ball winners - Janette Saddington and Christine Dunkinson (Yering Meadows) 36 pts.
NTP - Jenny Edmanson 4th.
Men’s 4BBB Stableford - Day 2 Easter Tournament: A grade winners - Nick Patton and Tim Patton 47 pts.
B grade winners - Malcolm McLean and Richard Sargood 44 pts.
C grade winners - Andrew Love and Michael Love 44 pts.
Ball winners - Gary Dunkinson (Yering Meadows) and Tyler Arrowsmith 44 pts, Bryson Nicholls (Barwon Valley) and Max Edmanson (Portarlington) 43 pts, Craig Gyles and Alex Patton 42 pts, Michael Pellegrino (Jubilee) and Stephen Rigoni (Jubilee) 42 pts, Bob Campbell and Brett Dudziak (Kooringal) 42 pts, Geoff Cox and Mark Mooney (Northern) 40 pts, Neil Ronaldson and Jason Swale 40 pts.
EAGLE - Malcolm McLean 13th.
NTP’s - Phillip Arrowsmith 4th, Tom Embleton 18th.
Monday, April 17 - Ladies 4BBB Stableford - Day 3 Easter Tournament: Winners - Janette Saddington and Christin Dunkinson (Yering Meadows) 41 pts.
Runners up - Kelli Cunningham and Jo Pavey 41 pts.
Ball winners - Carolyn Patton and Sue Patton 38 pts.
NTP’s - Margaret Gillick 18th, Sue Patton 27th.
104 hole Champions - Louise Holden and Maureen Jeeves 118 pts.
Runners up - Carolyn Patton and Sue Patton 111 pts.
Third - Janette Saddington and Christine Dunkinson 110 pts.
Men’s 4BBB Stableford - Day 3 Easter Tournament: A grade winners - Ricki White and Dick Heaney (RAAF Werribee) 49 pts.
B grade winners - Ronald Roberts and Stephen Cooper 45 pts.
C grade winners - Bob Campbell and Brett Dudziak 43 pts.
Ball winners - Gary Dunkinson and Tyler Arrowsmith 43 pts, Neil Ronaldson and Jason Swale 41 pts, Greg Hennessy and Dennis Sandral 41 pts, Bruce Pearce and Laurie Kaviers 41 pts, Greg Gyles and Alex Patton 41 pts, Leigh Bedford and Trent Vonarx 41 pts, Duane Miller and Wayne Miller 41 pts.
104 hole Champions - Nick Patton and Tim Patton 129 pts.
Runners up - Gary Dunkinson and Tyler Arrowsmith 127 pts.
Third - Brett Dudziak and Bob Campbell 124 pts.
Ball winners - Ricki White and Dick Heaney 122 pts, Michael Love and Andrew Love 122 pts, Max Edmanson and Bryson Nicholls 121 pts, Laurie Kaviers and Bruce Pearce 119 pts, Jason Swale and Neil Ronaldson 118 pts.
So, to all winners’ runners up and others and to all who entered this year’s Easter Tournament - thank you all for your entries and for your great scoring.
We have enjoyed your company, and sure hope to see you all again next year (if not before!), do come and see us again soon.
Happy Golfing – ‘The Bogeyman’.

Howlong Golf

Monday, April 10 - 9 hole Medley Stableford: Winner - Greg Arnold 21 pts c/b.
Runner up - Bev Allison 21 pts c/b.
Ball winner - Fay Dean 21 pts.
NTP - Wayne Hannan 5th.
Tuesday, April 11 - Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Rorey McNamara 40 pts.
A grade r/up - Jonathan Uphill 38 pts.
B grade winner - Bill Iverach 43 pts.
B grade r/up - Robert Richardson 40 pts.
C grade winner - Peter Hastings 42 pts.
C grade r/up - Morris Lauder 38 pts.
Ball winners - Malcolm Hutchinson 39 pts, Brian Carr, Michael Waite, Russell Mathews, Ron Newman 38 pts, Martin Tobin, Wendel Reitenbach, Bill Tanks, Robert Ross, Peter Morton 37 pts, Ian Bain, Ian Rough, Steve Ash, Kevin Donovan, Owen Tittensor, Bruce Bengough, Shayne Vogel, Paul Packham, Reginald Outen, Bill Simmonds, Con Sanderson, Joe Smart, Joshua Carr 36 pts, Craig Aldridge, Keith Lambert, Edward Wornes 35 pts.
NTP’s - Kim Gray 2nd, Russell Mathews 5th, Brian Carr 8th, Rorey McNamara 18th.
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Beverley Pilfoot 36 pts.
A grade r/up - Loretta Lehmann 35 pts.
Ball winner - Rosemary Lennen 32 pts.
Wednesday, April 12 - Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Rachael Wright 36 pts.
A grade r/up - Fay Barnes 35 pts.
B grade winner - Susan Gibb 40 pts.
B grade r/up - Diane I’Anson 36 pts.
Ball winners - Gail Arthur, Elsie Romey 36 pts, Frances Young, Maralyn Seddon, Pauline O’Meara, Dot Reitenbach 35 pts, Eve Byatt, Helen Embleton, Janet Rogers 34 pts, Ann Bumbers, Heather Sarau, Karie Lowe, Virginia Ebert 33 pts, Gail Howard, Heather McCallum 32 pts.
NTP’s - Diane I’Anson 2nd, Janet Rogers 8th.
Thursday, April 13 - Men’s Silvercolts Stableford: A grade winner - Michael Hibberson 40 pts.
A grade r/up - Peter Redhead 38 pts.
B grade winner - Thomas Rilen 40 pts.
B grade r/up - Terry Mardling 39 pts.
C grade winner - Alan Panther 40 pts.
C grade r/up - Dug Burt 38 pts.
Ball winners - Tom Bennett 38 pts, Graham Clarke, Leslie Virtue, Francis Queen, Neville Brown, Glenn Tomkins 37 pts, Malcolm Walter, Laurence Moylan, Ken Rampling, Alan Hutchings, Mick Kenna, Ray Reid, Doug Poole, Robert Jones, Peter Walsh 36 pts, Bill Tanks, Peter Connelly, Robert Forrest, Stephen Sang 35 pts, Ken Rainbow, Alan Michalowsky (Tocumwal GC) 34 pts.
NTP’s - Michael Hibberson 2nd, Glenn Tomkins 5th, Peter Smith 8th, Bruce Bengough 18th.
Friday, April 14 - Medley Stableford: Overall Winner - Steve Anderson 40 pts.
Overall r/up - Brian Shields 39 pts c/b.
Third - Rowan Hall 39 pts.
A grade winner - Brian Shields 39 pts.
A grade r/up - Ian Kay 35 pts.
B grade winner - Steve Anderson 40 pts.
B grade r/up - Rowan Hall 39 pts.
Ball winners - Kaye Redhead, Peter Tamango 37 pts, Dev Knighton, Di Tyrell-Miller 36 pts, Jay Mase 35 pts, Ronald Fary, Travis Merritt, Richard Persaud, Peter Daley 34 pts, Wayne Hannan, Kaye Bingham, John Anderson, Kerry Dunne 33 pts.
NTP’s - Wayne Hannan 8th, Bill Hunt 18th.
Men’s Seafood Run Stableford: Winner - Steve Wigmore 21 pts.
Runner up - Peter Hastings 20 pts.
Ball winners - John Gibbs 20 pts, William Begg, Peter Walsh, Trevor Pattinson, Keith Allison 19 pts, Wayne Olcorn, Shane Taggart, Mark Sarau, Kevin O’Meara, Ray Reid 18 pts, Paul Evans 17 pts.
Ladies Seafood Run Stableford: Winner - Beverley Pilfoot 19 pts.
Ball winners - Heather Poole 18 pts, Jan Hastings, Pauline O’Meara 17 pts, Bev Allison, Lorraine Horton, Dot Reitenbach, Jan Sutherland, Julie Cox 16 pts, Frances Young 15 pts.
Saturday, April 15 - Men’s Par: A grade winner - Wendel Reitenbach +5.
A grade r/up - John Arthur +4.
B grade winner - Kevin Argent +6.
B grade r/up - Wayne Degering +3.
C grade winner - Gregory Ganning +5.
C grade r/up - Glenn Tomkins +2.
Ball winners - Scott Proctor, Rorey McNamara, Mark Pattinson, Peter Redhead +3, Reginald Outen, Ray Van Klaveren, Bruce Bengough, Neville Brown +2, Robert Ross, Neville Batt, David Stevens, Ken Rampling, Glenn Lillley, Ray Reid, William Begg +1, Ron Washington, Bob Watson, Shane Taggart, Alex Krause, George Ekanayaka, Stan Ridley, Paul Packham, Peter Smith, Malcolm Walter, David Charles, John Whittle, Gerry Hellmann 0.
Eagle - Shane Taggart 16th.
NTP’s - Kevin Argent 2nd, Martin Tobin 5th, George Ekanayaka 8th, Con Sanderson 18th.
Ladies Par: A grade winner - Joan Trevethan +3.
A grade r/up - Virginia Ebert +1.
Ball winners - Kaye Redhead, Rachael Wright 0, Karie Lowe, Diane I’Anson -1, Helen Embleton -2.
NTP - Helen Embleton 5th.
Sunday, April 16 - Medley Ambrose: Winners - Travis Merritt and Bluey Williams 60.
Runner up - Shane Taggart and Steven Humphries 61.5.
Third - Greg Allan and Madison Goswell 61.75.
Fourth - Nathan Schneider and Mathew Porter 62.
Ball winners - Martin Brennan and Kyle Turton 62.25, Neville Batt and Glenda Hoskin 62.75, Brandon Purtell and John Purtell 63, Kaye Bingham and Richard Persaud 63.75, Brandon Turton and Jakeb Meyer 64, David Smith and Gary Dundas 64.75, Maureen Mathews and Russell Mathews 65, Scott Reid and Marcus Reid 66.5, Ryden Coleman and Jo Coleman 66.5, Michael Sherlock and Susan Wood 66.75, Melinda Blumoser and Wayne Hannan 66.75, Derek Beehan and Vivian Beehan 68, Justin Russell and Brett McMahon 68.25.
NTP’s - Gary Dundas 5th, Nathan Schneider 8th, Travis Merritt 17th.
Monday, April 17 - Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Scott Proctor 40 pts c/b.
A grade r/up - Daniel Krause 40 pts.
Ball winners - Steven Wilson (Commercial Resort) 39 pts, Stuart James, Jeremy Carr, Wayne Koehler 37 pts, Colin Stein, Alexander Kaemmerer (Barnwell Park GC), Rorey McNamara, Peter Knight 36 pts, Troy McNamara 35 pts.
NTP’s - Stuart James 2nd, Lindsey Stein 5th, Ron Washington 8th, Daniel Krause 18th.
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Lucy Clayton Barnwell Park GC) 41 pts.
A grade r/up - Amanda Arnot 39 pts.
Ball winners - Bev Allison 38 pts, Lee Nothrop 37 pts, Karie Lowe, Gail O’Halloran, Margaret Duncan 36 pts, June Washington 34 pts.
NTP - Jane Arthur 5th.
9 hole Medley Stableford: Winner - Yvonne Sheather 20 pts.
Runner up - Maureen Wood 14 pts.

Corowa RSL Indoor Bowls

Tuesday, April 11 was a fantastic display of indoor bowling for the Corowa RSL Indoor Bowls members.
There were some close misses and somewhat tight results.
The runner up team with two wins and 31 points was lead A Smith, second D Pleming, third E Jones and their skip JW Webber.
The winning team proved too good for their opponents also with two wins and 32 points was lead Ken Pleming, second Geraldine Monish, third David Chapman and their skip leading by example  Steve Jones.
On Thursday, April 13 Corowa RSL Indoor Bowls had two of their teams bowling at home and one away in pennant competition.
The two teams bowling at home were up against two Mulwala teams and the other Corowa team was up against an SS&A team in Albury.
The Corowa2 team had a very narrow victory against Mulwala 3, the performance of the Corowa2 team was much improved compared to last week.
Also the performance of the Corowa 3 team again was a big improvement from last week.
Every time the club witnesses their teams performing well and winning it gives the members of the club a real boost of confidence.
The Corowa 1 team unfortunately lost to the number 1 team in the pennant, the game itself was an even contest until the 17th end where the opposition out bowled the Corowa team and beat them.
Again the improvement shown by all the Corowa teams is most encouraging and great for upcoming games.  

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