Second chance to be debutante

April 20, 2017

Having a ball: Shepparton South Rotary Club member Maree Geisler is excited for the deb ball fundraiser. Here she is pictured with her daughter’s debutante dress.

White dresses and pretty corsages are being utilised by Shepparton South Rotary Club to help raise money for research into post traumatic stress disorder.

Shepparton South Rotary Club is doing its bit to help raise $33000 across one year by holding a debutante ball targeted at women aged between 16 and 25 who may not have had the chance to be debutantes.

Shepparton South Rotary Club member and event organiser Maree Geisler said research being done into PTSD aimed to help returned defence personnel who were living with the condition.

‘‘My son is in the army — that’s why it’s close to my heart,’’ Ms Geisler said.

Other Rotary groups in the district are also organising their own fundraising initiatives that have been inspired by their partnership with the Returned Services League.

Ms Geisler said the club was hoping to find 10 couples interested in making their debut and the ball would be held in September.

‘‘It gives girls a chance to dress up, feel special for a night and it also gets family and friends to come together and enjoy a night out,’’ she said.

‘‘I’ve had so many girls say to me recently — because I’m involved with St Brendan’s’ deb ball — ‘Oh jeez, I wish I had a chance to do my deb at school and I really regret not doing it’.’’

Ms Geisler said this deb ball would give these young women the chance to make their debut and have a wonderful night.

■To participate in the deb ball the cost is $400 per couple with $200 going directly to Australia Rotary Health.

■For more information about the Shepparton South Rotary Club, phone Maree Geisler on 0488770605.

- Sionnie Kelly

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