Finding life

June 14, 2017

‘‘For whoever wants to save his own life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.’’ Matthew 16:25.

One of our common problems today is ‘emptiness’.

But the sad part is that only few admit they are empty.

Emptiness is not a feeling when you are tired, but when you have given it everything you’ve got and nothing remains.

When you feel empty, it’s like a piece of your soul is missing.

It may come from the loss of a loved one, or heartaches left open by one you love who didn’t return your love.

Emptiness may come from feeling unfulfilled in your goals or dreams.

Emptiness can come from drug or alcohol addiction. It may come from so much power or low self-esteem.

Almost everybody has a story of their own emptiness in life. What about you? What is your story of emptiness?

Let me share to you one story written anonymously. The story started in this way:

Two buckets met at the well. One of them looked morose. ‘‘What’s the trouble?’’ asked the second bucket sympathetically.

‘‘Oh!’’ replied the first, gloomy bucket. ‘‘I get so weary of being dragged to this well. No matter how full I am, I always come back here empty.’’

The second bucket laughed. ‘‘How curious!’’ the second bucket chuckled, ‘‘Why, I always come here empty and go away full. I’m sure if you started to think this way, you would feel much more cheerful.’’

Emptiness is not negative at all. But as Jesus Christ said, ‘‘... but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it’’.

In theology, the Greek word kenosis means the ‘self-emptying’ of one’s own will and becoming entirely receptive to God’s divine will.

The more you empty yourself in the Lord, the more the grace works in you, and regain your life, not in the world, but in the Lord.

Fill your heart with the Lord.

~ Contributed by Father Line Abilgos of St Michael’s Catholic Church, on behalf of the Combined Churches of Deniliquin.

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