Hungry spaniels

June 15, 2017

Two dogs outside butcher in Benalla

Two dogs outside butcher in Benalla

It’s not unusual to see one of man’s best friends tied up outside a shop in town.

But this adorable pair of spaniels had slowly but surely commando crawled their way to be as close as they could to the goodies inside Rettke’s butcher in Carrier St.

Once ‘‘Dad’’ appeared from the butcher’s they were as good as gold and very happy to pose for a more formal photograph.

‘‘Dad’’ explained that they’re not brother and sister, but best friends and along with the rest of the family, have recently returned to live in Benalla after a sabbatical in Tuscon, Arizona.

One of the dogs was most perturbed when asked to travel in a car in Australia, anxious that the driver might be sitting on the wrong side of the car.

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