Copper wire thief caught

June 15, 2017

Some outstanding work by members of Seymour Police this week saw numerous high-profile offenders caught for a number of offences. More details on these catches will follow in next week’s Telegraph Police Beat report.

●Members on night shift surprised would-be thieves attempting to steal copper wire from the railway line overnight.

Prompt police response coupled with a bit of bad luck from the offenders led to one male being arrested at the scene of the crime.

The male has been charged and will appear in court at a later date.

●Police are investigating the theft of frozen goods and chocolates from a local supermarket this week after a man was observed on CCTV placing the items down his pants before leaving the store.

The investigation is continuing to identify the male offender.

●A ute has been stolen this week from a business in Elizabeth St, Seymour.

Offenders broke into the premises and stole the vehicle that was parked at the rear.

The vehicle was last seen heading towards the Hume Fwy and inquiries are continuing in a bid to locate the offenders.

●Police are investigating a burglary in High St this week.

The victim’s door was forced open and several items were moved inside the victim’s house.

The offenders stole electronic items before leaving.

This has left the victim quite shaken, because the burglary occurred during daylight hours while she was at work.

●Police are investigating two thefts of petrol by the same vehicle this week, both occurring on the same day.

The thief filled up his vehicle twice at the same petrol station, once in the morning and again that afternoon, driving off both times without making payment.

Details of the male and his vehicle have been supplied to police, who will continue their investigation.

●Two quarries in the area have been targetted for damage and theft this week.

In one quarry in Seymour, two sets of closed gates were rammed by a vehicle, and in another, a vehicle was stolen by the offenders.

●In a separate incident another utility has been stolen from a rural property in Seymour this week.

Unfortunately the farmer, who left his vehicle parked at the remote property overnight, had failed to remove his keys from the ignition, giving thieves the opportunity to steal the vehicle with little effort.

The vehicle was found a short time later; however the number plates had been removed and have not yet been located.

●A motorist is seeking the help of police after losing power tools off the back of his ute this week.

His tools were stored in the tray of his utility while driving towards Seymour from Avenel and the man didn’t realise his tray was not closed properly.

Any person with information regarding the location of the tools is asked to contact Seymour Police Station.

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