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June 15, 2017

The Transition to Work program at CVGT has been a success in helping young Seymour people get and maintain jobs.

Having just celebrated its first birthday the program is open to 15-21 year olds who aren’t at school and don’t have a Certificate III qualification or higher.

It’s an intensive pre-employment support program designed to help young people who are early school leavers, or those who have had difficulty entering employment after school.

Clients meet with a consultant weekly who will help them break down and address any potential issues preventing them from getting work.

‘‘Mental health is probably the most serious issue we see among young people, followed by alcohol and drug-related issues,’’ program operations contract manager Lisa Georgeson said.

‘‘We try to get these kids back into some form of education and that might not be high-school.

‘‘The flex-learning centre in Seymour is a great facility and we would love for anyone who’s feeling lost or lacking direction to come in and reach out to us.’’

When Kristie Malouf first started attending CVGT she was working just eight hours a week as a shift supervisor at KFC.

She’s since taken on additional study in youth work and has started a new job at the Railway Hotel.

‘‘I’m just over the moon with where I am at the moment and I wouldn’t have been here without their help,’’ she said.

‘‘The staff are qualified in so many areas and you can trust in what they have to say.’’

Ms Malouf had been feeling defeated working so few hours when she was capable and wanting to do more.

Her consultant, Chris Capstick, was able to help her turn things around.

‘‘He’s given me heaps of confidence to go and do something which I didn’t think I could do,’’ she said.

‘‘He actually makes me want to come each week.

‘‘I’ve had so many opportunities I just wouldn’t have otherwise knew existed.’’

Alira Wright is another CVGT success story.

‘‘I started in the Transition to Work program about 10 months ago now,’’ she said.

‘‘I started working at the Reject Shop over Christmas, and that was great, but after that it started dying down and I was only getting about five hours a week.’’

Ms Wright left school after completing Year 11 and wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with herself.

She’s since discovered an interest in admin and has recently started a traineeship role at CVGT in Seymour.

‘‘It was Chris who believed in me and got me interested in admin,’’ Ms Wright said.

‘‘And after 12 months in the traineeship I’ll have a Certificate III in Business.’’

CVGT provide continued support for their clients to help them once they’re in a job too.

‘‘After they get a job we don’t just disappear, we stay actively involved in their employment up to a minimum of six months,’’ Mrs Georgeson said.

‘‘Whether it’s a text or a phone call, we keep in touch to make sure they’re doing ok.’’

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