Station back to full strength

June 15, 2017

(Back) Tatura police Senior Constable Peter Aitken, Sergeant Darryl Phillips, Leading Senior Constable Kevin Ingram, Leading Senior Constable Brent Ward, (front), Leading Senior Constable Danielle Calvert, Senior Constable Julie Haigh, Murchison police Leading Senior Constable Ricky Keast and Mooroopna and Tatura police administration Angele Wilson.

The Tatura police station is abuzz with activity now that it is back up to full strength.

The station’s numbers dropped down earlier this year when several members left to take-up different police posts in the region or retire.

Tatura police Sergeant Darryl Phillips said it was great to have the positions filled.

‘‘It’s made the place enjoyable to work at again,’’ he said.

The new police line-up has also seen two new female police officers join the ranks; Senior Constable Julie Haigh and Leading Senior Constable Danielle Calvert.

‘‘I believe historically we had a female police officer work here many years ago, but it’s certainly the first time we’ve ever had two stationed here,’’ Sgt Phillips said.

Sen Const Haigh and Leading Sen Const Calvert have a wealth of experience and before taking up these positions worked at Shepparton police station in general duties, the Divisional Tasking Unit and the Volume Crime Unit.

Sen Const Haigh said it was great to be back in uniform and working in the town she lived in.

‘‘The team are all obviously from Shepparton, so I know them all, so I’m excited to be working in a smaller environment with them,’’ she said.

Sen Const Haigh joined the police force six years ago and having grown up in Shepparton could not wait to return as a police officer.

Leading Sen Const Calvert has a longer history with Victoria Police and joined the force in 2001.

She worked at a range of police stations in Melbourne and did temporary duties with the Major Collision Unit before deciding, in 2015, to transfer to Shepparton police station.

Leading Sen Const Calvert said it was great to be at Tatura.

‘‘It’s good to be back on the front line again,’’ she said.

‘‘I like the idea of getting back to a bit of community involvement and getting to know community groups, being able to talk to people in the street and having a bit more of a connection to people that we never really had a chance to have in Shepparton.’’

Sgt Phillips said a full-strength police station was a great thing for the Tatura community.

‘‘We’re making an effort to get down the street and talk with the people and become more visible,’’ he said.

‘‘The town here is very connected with their police and they know us very well.

‘‘The new members will no doubt catch up with the local community.’’

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