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June 15, 2017

Cinema money better spent elsewhere

The Corowa golf club cinema plan at $580,000 for 50 seats is costly and of little economic benefit.

Surely the money would have done more for the club and town if spent on a motel refurbishment that is decades overdue.

The Golf Club is very important for the town and ways to keep it viable must be put in place. Cinemas belong in retail areas or have a tourism connection like a deck chair riverside cinema at the Rower's Club for the months except winter.

The Golf Club needs more than a cinema and some impacting plans are required for the future years.

It is time to merge the Civic Bowls Club and the Golf Club so as to maximise facilities and resources and have a strong membership base.

The Civic Bowls site could then be developed for modern well suited tourism needs close to town and the river.

It is all around us for making things better and viable.

It is time the "can't do and we do not want change" powers lost this power in town.

Tourism is untapped in Corowa and it is time it was captured.

Our planners should take a look across the river at Rutherglen and see the changes happening in the retail strip.

This town is energising itself.

Gyll Anderson


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