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June 15, 2017

Wednesday pairs had 24 players and saw Bob Evans and a visitor Ted Rumler win the major prize with two wins and 29 shots up with Ray Brown and Neville Coleman running a gallant second with two wins and 16 shots up.

But, the star of the day was undoubtedly Evan James who led beautifully all day for Anne Miles.
The jackpot once again failed to go off.      
Friday the club had another 24 players for draw for partners 2-4-2. The winners were Les Spencer and Neville Coleman and Bob Tett and Wayne Knowles were runners-up.
Jackpot was shared by Marcia McGrillen and her partner Siggi Rempel and Ian Cumming and Peter Lidgerwood.               
In the Australian Bowls Championship in Queensland , Garry Sanders won two out of three to just miss the next round. Later in the week the club will have Claire Sanders and Anne Miles competing in the ladies singles.

Yarrawonga Bowls Club
It’s been another great week for bowling with the days which although cool the sunshine has encouraged the bowlers to be out on the greens.
Bowlers played all scheduled games this week and Monday, June 2 was a two-way tie between Rodger McKenzie/Teddy Edwards and Peter Humphreys/Bev Norwood.
The runners-up were Kay Revencroft/Jan Sullivan both visitors to the Yarrawonga club. The jackpot was not claimed on the day so it has carried over until Monday, June 12.
On Wednesday, June 6 bowlers played Jackpot Triples with 30 players on the greens and the winners were Liz Murdoch, Bill Hanley and Ron Neilson.
The runners-up were Bob Jeffcott, Keith Allender and Max Ramsdale. The Jackpot was claimed by P. Carlyle (visitor), Greg Sharp and Teddy Edwards.
Saturday, June 10 turned out to be a beautiful day for bowls and the fine weather brought out 31 players to join in a social game of 3 bowl triples.
The winners were Ron Neilson, Brian Bennett and Neil Hocking, the runners-up were Bob Jeffcott, Graham Lamb (visitor) and Kay Ross.
The jackpot was not claimed on the day so has been carried over until Wednesday, June 15.
The games for the coming week are Wednesday, June 15 Jackpot Triples, Saturday, June 17 Social Bowls and Monday, June 19 Nominated Pairs 2-4-2.
Until next week good bowling and good health to all.

ClubMulwala Indoor Bowls
Pennant – Mulwala 1 (Fay) lost to Wodonga 2 (des Britt) at Wodonga 18 / 21.
Mulwala 3 (Noel) played SS&A 1 (Fran Elliot) at Wodonga and won 24 / 11.
Mulwala 2 went to Corowa and played Corowa 3 (Steve Jones) and won 20 / 12.
The round on June 15 is the final round before the start of the finals. All the teams are away. Mulwala 1 will go to Wodonga to play Wodonga 1 (Marj Mitsch) while Mulwala 2 and 3 go to SS&A. Glenyce Willox will play Fran Elliot and Noel Owen will play Wayne Perrett.

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