Family thanks ClubMulwala for continued support

June 15, 2017

The ClubMulwala Board of Directors, CEO Alan Rowe and Sgt Grant Churchin with (front) Kevin Martin, Jeremy Martin, Jamie Martin and Jeanette Martin. 

Five years since their lives were changed forever by a family tragedy, Jeanette and Kevin Martin met with the ClubMulwala Board of Directors recently to thank them for the ongoing support of their grandchildren.

On the afternoon of December 22, 2011, Mulwala Police were called to the Urana property ‘Kia Ora’ to investigate a domestic situation.
As police approached the property, Renee Martin, who was being held against her wishes by her defacto partner Colin Heath, attempted to leave the property.
Heath was armed at the time and he shot and killed Renee before turning the gun on himself and taking his own life.
Since that day, the couple’s three children, who were aged 7, 12 and 13 at the time, have been cared for by their grandparents Jeanette and Kevin Martin.
United in their grief, the children lost their mother and father that day, while Jeanette and Kevin lost their daughter.
After the tragedy, residents of Urana banded together to conduct a fundraiser for the children.
A number of local businesses and residents from Yarrawonga-Mulwala supported the initiative, including ClubMulwala.
“ClubMulwala has been supporting the children since 2012 via a part scholarship,” said Mulwala Police Sgt Grant Churchin.
“They have provided financial assistance towards the children’s schooling, who attend St Pauls at Walla Walla.”
The children, and their grandparents, recently had the opportunity to meet with the ClubMulwala Board of Directors and thank them personally.
Jessica, now 19, has finished school and is working as a wool classer. Jeremy, 18, is in his final year of school and Jamie, 13, is in year 7.
“It was great to help organise the meeting between the family and the board so they could see the progress the kids have been making in their lives,” Sgt Churchin said.
“The board has indicated they wish to continue with the scholarship for the two boys until they finish their schooling.”
Kevin Martin said, “ClubMulwala has been unbelievable in their generosity and we’d just like to say, thank you”.

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