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June 16, 2017

Corowa Golf

A great early winter week, cold mornings but lovely sunny days to welcome visitors to the course, as well as the regulars, enjoying the weather and some pretty good scoring - so better get on with it.

Monday, June 5

Lady Niners: Winner - Heather Forrest. Runner up - Deb Richards.

NTP - Deb Richards.

Tuesday, June 6

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Peter Justin 32 pts. Runner-up - Don Spencer 32 pts. Ball winners - Matthew Rennie 31 pts, Bob Ronnfeldt 30 pts, Neil Caulfield 29 pts, George Moloney 29 pts.

Golden Oldies – Stableford: Winner - Rick Jamieson 14 pts. Runner-up - Bill Garner 13 pts.

Ball winner - Keith Allsop. NTP - Bill Garner.

Wednesday, June 7

Ladies Stroke - Monthly Medal: Winner - Anne Harris (Wodonga) 83/72. Runner up - Jacquie Lawler 105/74. Ball winners - Louise Holden 92/74, Selina Barkley 86/74, Margaret Bradford 97/75, Marg Tobin 85/77. NTP’s (4th) - A grade - Selina Barkley, B grade - Kerryn Alexander, C grade - Ann Nicol.

Best gross score - Ann Harris. Monthly medal won by Anne Harris – congratulations.

Thursday, June 8

Pro Comp – Stableford:

Ladies winner - Sue Patton 37 pts. Men’s winner - Rod Green 39 pts. Runner up - Ben Brown.

Third - Brad Glare. Fourth - Jason Cawthray. Ball winners - Andrew Scott 37 pts, Peter Miller 36 pts, Craig Buchanan 36 pts, Bill Hall 36 pts, Laurie Kaviers 35 pts, Keith Morrison 35 pts, Tim Patton 34 pts, John Hagger 34 pts. NTP’s - Paul Wiscombe 4th, Phil Rosser 18th.

Saturday, June 10

Day 1 Winter Tournament - Ladies Stableford Winner - Kathy King (Griffith) 39 pts. Runner up - Carolyn Bailey 34 pts. Ball winners - Jacquie Lawler 33 pts, Gay Richards 33 pts, Glenda Hoskin (Howlong) 32 pts, Margaret Bradford 32 pts, Carolyn Patton 32 pts. NTP’s - Carolyn Bailey 4th, Noreen Miller 27th.

Day 1 Winter Tournament - Men’s Stableford: Winner - Beau Fraser (Kiama) 39 pts.

Runner up - Dean Dwoschak (Northcote) 38 pts. Third - Andrew Cassidy 40 pts.

Ball winners - Ben Daly (Kiama) 37 pts, Jim Chahood (Northcote) 36 pts, Mark Hungerford (Kiama) 36 pts, Paul Tobin (Kiama) 35 pts, Geoff Nicols 35 pts, Lindsay Seymour 34 pts, Jeromy Fanning 34 pts, Alex Trimble (Northcote) 34 pts, Tim King 34 pts, Peter Filliponi 34 pts, Paul Radford (Kiama), Neville Tait 33 pts, Peter Tait 33 pts, Trent Vonarx 33 pts, Stephen Bohagiar (Northcote) 33 pts, Michael Stringer 33 pts, Terry Johnstone (Northcote) 33 pts, Nick Patton, Gary Davie 33 pts, Andrew Scott 32 pts, David Anderson 32 pts, Phillip Turner 32 pts, Jarrod Towers (Karingal) 32 pts.

NTP’s - Kenneth O’Donnell 4th, Stan Sellick 27th.

Sunday, June 11

Day 2 Winter Tournament - 4Ball Stableford Aggregate)

A smaller field so it was decided to make it a medley, so ladies joined the men and this is how that went.

Overall winners - Andrew Cassidy and Clinton Boist (Northcote) 72 pts.

Runners - David Matthews and Matthew Rennie (both from Northcote) 68 pts.

Third - Louise Holden and Florence Hudson 65 pts.

Fourth - Brendan Armstrong and Neath Rumbel (both from Kiama) 63 pts.

Ball winners - Wayne and Noreen Miller 62 pts, Warren Hornsey and Ray Milne 60 pts, Kevin Fox and Jim Chahood (both from Northcote) 59 pts, Stephen Bohagiar and John Black (both from Northcote) 58 pts, Dean Dwoschak and Craig Matthews (both from Northcote) 58 pts, Paul Tobin and Leigh Crowther (from Northcote and Mandalay) 56 pts, Graham Skinner and John Taylor 56 pts, Regan Schmidt and Glen Rolton 56 pts, Elizabeth Graham and Martin Sweeney (both from Griffith) 55 pts.

NTP’s - ladies - Elizabeth Graham 27th, Men - Neath Rumbel 27th, Matthew Rennie 18th.

Monday, June 12

Day 3 Winter Tournament

Hope everyone had a great day - but no results to hand, so will have to give you the 54 hole situation next week.

Looks pretty exciting but for now nothing to report, so look in next week’s edition to find out the latest results.

For your Diary:

Saturday, June 17 - Club Birthday, Yarrabee Shield, J and E Nankervis.

Monday, June 19 to Wednesday, June 21 - NEDLGA Championships at Corowa.

Sunday, June 25 - CH McNight mixed Canadian Foursomes.

Wednesday, June 28 - Round 1 ladies mixed Canadian Foursomes, final round Ahern Knockout.

Happy Golfing -

‘The Bogeyman’

Howlong Golf

Monday, June 5 Men’s Howlong Vets Stableford

A grade winner - Ray Reid 36 pts. A grade r/up - Robert Forrest 35 pts. B grade winner - John Culhane (Corowa GC) 39 pts. B grade r/up - Peter Smith 38 pts.

Ball winners - Tom Bennett, David Horton 38 pts, Peter Walsh 37 pts, Alfred George (Corowa GC) 36 pts, Robert Wiltshire (Corowa GC) 35 pts, Thomas Rilen, Doug Burt, Bill Miller, Tony Jelbart, Neville Brown, Steven Leitl (Yarrawonga/Mulwala GC) 33 pts.

NTP’s - Ray Reid 2nd and 8th, Phillip Smith 5th.

Ladies Howlong Vets Stableford

Winner - Angela Lee 37 pts. Runner-up - Goldie Reid 34 pts.

Ball winners - Di Tyrell-Miller, Beverley Pilfoot, Valerie Cross 33 pts, Robin Stevens 32 pts, Lee Lawther 31 pts, Maureen Harris 30 pts.

NTP’s - Lorraine Horton 2nd and 5th, Fay Barnes 8th.

Tuesday, June 6 Men’s Stableford

A grade winner - Peter Morton 41 pts. A grade r/up - Neville Brown 40 pts.

B grade winner - Ray Lennen 36 pts. B grade r/up - Rod Bensley 35 pts. Ball winners - Kevin Argent 39 pts, Trevor Pattinson, Craig Aldridge 38 pts, Ken Rampling 36 pts, Robert Richardson, Martin Tobin, Ray Reid, Nathan Schneider 35 pts, Peter Donovan, Reginald Outen, Robert Blundell, Shayne Vogel, Mathew O’Halloran 34 pts, Peter Riches, Peter Smith 33 pts.

NTP’s - Reginald Outen 2nd, Peter Morton 5th, Robert Saunders 8th, Kim Gray 18th.

Ladies Stableford

A grade winner - Heather Sarau 32 pts. A grade r/up - Susan Gibb 27 pts.

Wednesday, June 7 Ladies Monthly Medal – Nett

A grade winner - Helen Foster 68. A grade r/up - Margaret Duncan 71.

B grade winner - Caryn Ericson 66. B grade r/up - Karie Lowe 69.

Ball winners - Goldie Reid 71, Virginia Ebert, Jeanette Edwards 72, Valerie Cross, Janet Rogers 73, Kate Daly, Susan Wood, Heather McCallum 74.

NTP’s - Diane I’Anson 2nd, Gwen McCarthy 5th, Colleen O’Keefe 8th, Beverley Coughlan 13 (2nd shot).

Thursday, June 8 Men’s Silvercolts Stableford

A grade winner - Ken Rampling 39 pts. A grade r/up - Peter Redhead 38 pts.

B grade winner - David Charles 39 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Tom Johnson 39 pts.

C grade winner - Gerry Hellmann 40 pts c/b. C grade r/up - Mel Moon 40 pts.

Ball winners - Brian Hardidge 39 pts, Peter Revell, Mick Kenna, Thomas Rilen, Rino Feltrin 37 pts, Bill Tanks, Robert Forrest, Alan Hutchings, Patrick Seccull, Kelvin Shannon 36 pts, John Arthur, Garry Smith, Ronald Southern, John Boyd, Michael Hibberson, John Simpson, Tony Jelbart 35 pts.

NTP’s - Ken Rainbow 2nd, John Arthur 5th & 8th, Peter Revell 18th.

Friday 9 June 18 hole Medley Stableford

Winner - Brett Livingstone 40 pts. Runner up - Joe Kelleher (Commercial Resort) 39 pts.

Ball winners - Russell Mathews 34 pts, Greg O’Brien 33 pts, Luke Fenner, Clinton Munro 31 pts, Jimmy Aitken, Derek Beehan, Jason Moffat 30 pts, Maureen Mathews 29 pts.

Hole in One - Brett Livingstone.

NTP’s - Jason Cawthray 8th, Greg O’Brien 18th.

Men’s Chook Run

Winner - Richard Persaud 19 pts. Ball winners - Thomas Rilen, Ian Sutherland 19 pts, Bob Schneider, Jeffrey Kiely 18 pts, David Smith 17 pts, Steven Wigmore 16 pts.

Ladies Chook Run

Winner - Susan Gibb 24 pts. Ball winners - Paula Orriss, Jan Sutherland 21 pts, Sue Gibbins 20 pts, Glennis Argent, Wendy Lambert 18 pts.

Saturday, June 10 Men’s Stableford

A grade winner - Ken Rampling 42 pts. A grade r/up - Mick Kenna 40 pts.

B grade winner - Ray Van Klaveren 39 pts. B grade r/up - Brandon Purtell 38 pts. C grade winner - Terry Mardling 43 pts. C grade r/up - Ken Rainbow 40 pts.

Ball winners - Ray Reid 39 pts, Ian Charles, Peter Redhead, Bruce Barnes, Peter Stevens 37 pts, Paul Packham, Les Stevens, John Arthur, Warren Beddoes, Bob Watson 36 pts, Brent Cochrane, Gerry Hellman, John Stevens, Tim Mildren, Nathan Schneider, Daniel Krause, Paul Purtell, Steven Humphries, Tom Johnson 35 pts, Danny Kiervan, Shane Taggart, Glenn Lilley, David Charles 34 pts.

NTP’s - Neville Batt 2nd, Glenn Lilley 5th, Paul Purtell 8th, Les Stevens 18th.

Ladies Stableford

A grade winner - Fay Barnes 39 pts. A grade r/up - Wendy Day 36 pts.

Ball winners - Helen Embleton 36 pts, Karie Lowe, Mary Dixon (Thurgoona GC) 34 pts, Michelle Stevens, Melinda Blumoser 31 pts.

NTP - Fay Barnes 5th.

Sunday, June 11 Men’s Stableford

A grade winner - Wayne Yates 40 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Rorey McNamara 40 pts.

Ball winners - Zach O’Collins 38 pts, Kevin Donovan, Ephraim Mitchell 37 pts, Max Abel 36 pts, Richard Persaud, Daniel Krause, Fred Erkamps 35 pts, Kevin Kerlin 34 pts, Stephen Donaghey 33 pts.

NTP’s - Zach O’Collins 2nd, Ephraim Mitchell 5th, Robert Forrest 8th, Peter Walsh 18th.

Ladies Stableford

A grade winner - Angela Bishop 38 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Maralyn Seddon 38 pts.

Ball winners - Melinda Blumoser 36 pts, Goldie Reid, Wendy Day 35 pts.

NTP - Yvonne Lord 5th.

Corowa RSL Indoor Bowls results

Tuesday, June 6 provided interesting competition. The teams were evenly matched and they all had one win and one loss.

Somewhat unusual, the closeness of the games created a lot individual attempts in trying anything to achieve the elusive second win.
The runner-up team with 21 points was lead S. Dudziak, second A. Smith, third G. Monish and their skip K. Pleming. The winning team with 23 points was lead J. Kerr, second M. Dougall, third G. Sander and their skip M. Pratt.

Friday, June 9 provided another good turnout.

The bowling again was entertaining and the members enjoyed the afternoon activity.

The runner-up team with two wins and 33 points was lead D Sander, third K Culhane and their skip J Catlin.

The winning team also with two wins and 35 points was lead E Jones, second G Sander, third G Monish and their skip M Pratt.


The club had only two teams competing this week.

The third of the teams had a bye due to the uneven number of teams competing.

Sadly the two Corowa teams could not perform to their normal standard and suffered losses, one at home and the other in Wangaratta.

With only one pennant game to go, one of the club teams will just miss out in reaching the finals. After consulting all the other clubs taking part in the pennant competition, it was decided that all the finals will be contested at the Corowa RSL because Corowa RSL is the best venue for this competition.

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