Smash and grab at Technology Centre

June 16, 2017

Police are seeking information on the identity of this couple, who may be able to assist in their investigations.

Crowbar marks were found on every entry point of the Concept Technology Centre building in Deniliquin after it was broken into on Friday.

Part-owner of the Cressy St business Matthew Collins said it appears whoever was responsible kept trying until they found a ‘‘weak spot’’.

He said in the three minutes that followed the side door being forced open, a number of mobile phones and laptop computers were taken in a ‘smash and grab’ style theft.

‘‘A lot of the cabinets were broken, and they just grabbed the most expensive items,’’ Mr Collins said.

‘‘They took mobile handsets, including some Apple iPhone 7s and two Apple Macbooks, as well as my own Toshiba laptop. The phones have been blocked, so they will be useless to them now.’’

Mr Collins said the break-in occurred about 2am.

In addition to the stolen stock, he said the senseless crime had also cost the business in repairs and having to boost its safety measures.

‘‘There are three separate levels of damage and the first impact was getting a locksmith to come out at 3am so we could secure the store,’’ he said.

‘‘There is also the impact on trading in the days that followed and in repairing the other damage.

‘‘I would like to thank the local police though, as their communication has been fantastic.’’

In investigating the break-in, police were provided with CCTV footage from around the time of the break-in from another local business. It shows a man and a woman walking in the CBD.

Stills from the CCTV footage have been released by police in the hope of identifying the pair, who police believe can help with their investigations.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact CrimeStoppers on 1800333000 or Deniliquin Police Station on 58819499.

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