Revealing reef documentary

June 16, 2017

We have recently learnt that half the corals in the Great Barrier Reef are dead — not just bleached — but dead.

This has been caused by the last year’s heatwave and the increased ocean temperatures of last year.

These extreme weather events have been brought on by global warming, which is fuelled by increasing greenhouse gas emissions largely due to the burning of fossil fuels, coal in particular.

And yet the federal and Queensland governments are going out of their way to encourage the development of the Adani Carmichael coal mine.

Benalla Sustainable Future Group will be screening the new documentary, Guarding the Galilee, a film about the epic fight to stop Adanis Carmichael coal mine, following a short Annual General Meeting on Thursday, June 22.

The meeting begins at 7.30pm and will be held in the meeting rooms of the Uniting Church, Carrier St, Benalla.

Presented by Queensland-born actor Michael Caton, this new 30-minute documentary shines a spotlight on the battle to stop the biggest coal mine in Australian history, Adanis Carmichael project.

The award-winning documentary captures the raw beauty of the Queensland outback, where Adanis mine threatens essential water resources.

The film features farmers, dive instructors and boat operators all concerned about the impacts that Adanis mine would have on water resources, climate and the reef.

The Federal Government is considering providing a $1 billion loan to Adani to help fund the building of a railway between the proposed mine and the coast.

Such a loan would appear to be against the wishes of a majority of Australians.

A recent poll shows that 93 per cent of voters do not want to see our governments give Adani a $1billion taxpayer-funded loan for this destructive coal mine.

Everyone is invited to come and see Guarding the Galilee and find out more about this important issue that affects all Australians.

After the screening, there will be an opportunity for discussion about what we’ve seen and what can be done to stop the Adani coal mine from going ahead.

The evening will conclude with supper.

— John Lloyd, Benalla Sustainable Future Group, president

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