Young guns never give up

June 16, 2017

Lewis Lubeck boots the ball forward for St Mary's.

Tim Potts leaps high to take the grab.

Jonty Mann looks to give off the handball.



The Lions made the trip over the hills to take on the Rebels in true Alexandra conditions, with only half the oval visible due to the thick blanket of fog.

As the first quarter got under way the Rebels were playing strong possession footy, making the Lions work for every touch of the ball, but the scoreboard was showing it was going to be an even match.

In the second quarter the Rebels started to use their small players at ground level and the Lions did the same, with a real battle unfolding and neither team getting a clear break.

The third term was a great display of the Rebels’ short possession game which the Lions could not seem to stop, with the boys leaving too many players loose to gain easy possessions which were quickly turned in to points on the board as the margin blew out to almost 20 points in Alexandra’s favour.

At the three-quarter-time break the Lions were split into their zone groups. They were all given clear orders and told to dig deep if they wanted this game back — and what a difference it made.

From the sidelines they looked like a totally new side.

The Rebels didn’t know what had just hit them, with every tackle sticking, every possession being used to our advantage and the Lions making sure that no one went in on their own with some spectacular body pressure being displayed.

Alexandra was unable to score while the Lions made it rain goals — and that’s how the Seymour under-14 side gained a well-earned win.

Seymour won 69-38.

Well done to our under-12 players who came up and helped — Freya Parker, Brooklyn Lindsay and Taylor Godwill.

Awards went to Jason McIntyre and Joel Baumann for working hard when needed.



Kings Park was shrouded in fog when the young stars come out to play on Sunday against Euroa.

The boys and girls were full of enthusiasm as slowly the fog cleared to a beautiful sunny day.

Everyone contributed and goals were aplenty from the drive and centre clearances of Blake Trodd, who played an outstanding game. Joshua Vearing was also one of the best players with many clearances and assists.

Well done to each and every player who didn’t stop having a red-hot go all morning.


The boys faced up to the mighty Euroa and in a low-scoring affair, battled hard to keep their noses in front.

As with all good teams, Euroa kept the pressure up and was always dangerous going forward.

Some brilliant defence from the Saints held them off though and the Saints were eventually winners by seven points.

Score: St Mary’s 5.4 (34) d Euroa 4.3 (27).


In what was to be a hard task for the Saints against a formidable Euroa squad, coach Ben Davey laid down the challenge to his players to play to the level they are capable of.

And rise to the challenge they did.

From the first bounce it was clear that every player was determined to contribute and this led to pressure on the Euroa players who had no answer to the Saints’ onslaught.

With repeated clearances and an exceptional back-line working hard, the Saints stacked on the goals with an impressive domination of the game.

This was a solid team effort with every player contributing.

Score: St. Mary’s 13.9 (87) d Euroa 1.1 (7).


With Euroa and the Saints unbeaten after six rounds, this was a game that was highly anticipated and both teams met the expectation.

High-class skills and team play were on display, with Euroa getting the upper hand in the first quarter.

Keegan Grant, Andrew Collard and Dylan Cook were simply awesome against formidable opposition.

The second quarter saw a Saints comeback with some great efforts to get the goals ticking.

However, injuries to key players such as Oli Lubeck (shoulder) and Corey Jones (concussion) left a defensive wound in our back-line and Euroa took advantage, kicking three goals straight to gain the lead and momentum.

While the Saints battled hard for the remaining quarters, it was Euroa which had the firepower up forward to gain advantage and the match.

Score: St Mary’s 6.3 (39) lt Euroa 10.5 (86)



Tabilk travelled to Broadford this week.

Broadford sits just outside the top four and needed to win the game to cement fourth spot on the ladder.

The first quarter was as good a quarter as the boys have played all year. The intensity around the footy was there and we dominated the quarter.

Conor Peterson started the game where he left off last week and he was like a hurricane running off half-back.

His fierce attack on the football and then his spirited runs through half-back were a pleasure to watch.

The Saurus even landed the sweetest drop punt.

More known for his hit-and-miss torpedo punts, Conor landed a wonderful pass 30m down the ground straight down the throat of a Tabilk team-mate.

Kane Chapman had an enormous first quarter winning the ball and carrying it with him.

Clearly the recruit of the year, this kid from Heathcote certainly adds some grunt to the team’s line-up.

In the second term Broadford got its run going and its zippy players began to run riot.

This continued into the third quarter and at the three-quarter-time break, Tabilk’s lead had been reduced to just four points. We had a game on our hands.

Fortunately for Tabilk, Harry Palmer was reading the ball well across half-back and played his best game of the year.

When the game was in limbo Harry took some great grabs in the last quarter, stopping Broadford in its tracks.

And what about the desperate efforts of Ben Shelton in the last quarter? They can’t be underestimated.

No more ‘Mr Nice Guy’, he played smart backman football, winning the ball in the last line of defence and kicking the perfect mongrel kick towards the boundary line.

Finbar O’Sullivan showed he’s not just a classy half-forward flanker.

FOS was called for in the last quarter to help us in the middle. His pressure around the ball and at the man was a testament to his game.

Keep up the great footy, Finbar.

Captain Angus Murray played another five-star game.

The Engine Room ran plenty of miles today and got a stack of the footy, plus kicked two majors.

He was also terrific down back when called upon in the last quarter.

And what a great day out for this week’s Grizzly winner, Somaiya Harriden.

Today was the day when the most athletic player in the team learnt that she can have an impact in a game of footy.

Somiaya laid tackles, took solid marks, and most importantly went in and won the football herself.

Super job, Somaiya.

And last but not least was the continued consistency of centre tough nut Harry Shiner.

Strong in the clinches, Harry was tough inside and kept pressing the ball forward for his team all day.

Score: Broadford 5.2 (32) lt Tabilk 6.9 (45).

Best: Angus Murray, Harry Shiner, Harry Palmer, Finbar O’Sullivan, Conor Peterson, Kane Chapman, Somiaya Harriden, Kane Chapman, Ben Shelton.

Goals: Angus Murray 2; Kane Chapman, Will Gladwin, Tommy Mason, Finbar O’Sullivan.


Today was set to be another tough day on the track with first versus fourth, and at Broadford’s home ground, it was determined for a win.

This week we welcomed new recruit George. For a little man, he has the determination and heart of a giant, taking on some of Broadford’s biggest boys.

We’re looking forward to having him as a Tabilk boy.

Knowing the opposition was a tough side with hard tackles and had great skill around the pack, we knew that we could match it, and from the first bounce the motivation to go in hard and win the ball was high on our priorities.

Great runs from N. Glentzes saw the ball moving quickly into our forward line and the first goal came from J. Wallden.

The boys took the bumps and delivered them back twice as hard, showing Broadford they meant business.

With Broadford pushing hard the back line once again stood strong.

Great teamwork pushing the ball back into the centre came from L. Sommers, W. O’Brian, H. May and G. Garner, which kept Broadford guessing as to how they would break through, with Broadford only scoring its first goal in the second quarter.

Strong tackles from J. Chapman, W. Dalton, H. Anderson, M. Cook-Mentz. and T. Barnes saw them stop Broadford in its tracks. Clearly they had their Weet Bix that morning.

The forward line dominated in and around the packs with R. Fox-Old, H. Downie, O. Sepeveta, M. Harridon and J. Wallden passing the ball to open spaces, making shots at goal an easier target (so we thought) with the final score having points out-weighing goals.

In the third quarter Broadford came back hard, giving the onballers a run for their money, and as the game progressed, there were outstanding efforts from N. Glentzes, J. Robertson, and H. Anderson, who were in and around every pack and contest.

The last quarter saw it go down to the wire, with both teams fighting hard for the win.

A late goal from Tabilk saw it seal the game, although it took a great team effort and the players never gave up.

It’s back to the top of the list next week, and we have Euroa at Avenel.

Have a rest and see everyone at training, it’s set to be another tough game.

Thanks to sponsors, The Royal Mail, The Coach Shop and Billy Burgers.

Score: Broadford 6.8 (44) lt Tabilk 7.18 (60).

Best: N. Glentzes, W. Burns, J. Wallden.

Goals: J. Wallden 2; T. Barns, W. Dalton, R. Fox-Old, J. Robertson, H. Anderson.


Well the monkey is off the back.

Even though we were in front a few weeks ago when the game against Wandong got called off, at least this time the boys got to sing the song and oh how sweet it sounded.

Numbers were down due to a few injuries and long weekend holidays, but to the 17 boys who took to the field — well done.

It was a good four-quarter effort.

After likening ourselves to Essendon the night before, we got off to a flyer.

Harry Dawson was on fire early, leading his opponent to the ball well.

With good drive from Tom and Cain from the middle the ball spent much of the game in our scoring half and when the ball did venture into Broadford territory, the two Lachys, Joey and Josh Boyer were more than up to the task.

Nick Smidt, Dan Mawson and Moose all maintained their good form, consistently winning the ball.

Corey Chapman slipped forward to try and get his first goal but will have to wait for next week.

Our two big strong boys, Jedd and Harry, worked well in the ruck and Jack Sampson did his usual amazing things from both centre half-forward and centre half-back.

The North East Antenna award went to Will Cubbin, the Neil Beer award to Lachlan Russell and the Avenel Takeaway award to Joseph Mifsud.

So that’s one whole round done, we are back to face Euroa at home in Avenel next week. Bring it on.

Da da da da, we are the navy Blues ...

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