Redeyes taste ‘A’ victory over rival

June 20, 2017

Blighty centre Sophie Lostroh looks for her best option during the centre pass in A grade.

In round 10 of the Picola League netball season, Blighty struggled to find their footing against Deni Rovers, with most teams unable to outscore their rival.

However, Blighty’s A grade were not defeated with a five goal win against Rovers, 56 to 51.

Rovers’ attackers couldn’t seem to get the ball past goal keeper Edwina Hare, her countless intercepts keeping Blighty on top, and earning her best on court.

Demi Blake was also awarded for her dominance in the centre, working tirelessly to feed the ball into the ring.

Blighty’s B grade were just one goal short of victory in a nail biting match against Deni, 42 to 41.

Defender Isabelle Hare was awarded best on court for her tireless efforts in keeping the Rovers’ shooters from scoring goals.

Fellow defender and mid-courter Gabby Ives was also congratulated on her efforts, along with goal shooter Karla Strongman.

Blighty’s C grade were unable to match the strength of the Rovers, suffering a 25 goal loss, 58 to 33.

Defender Jess Smith was named best on court for her continued strength in defence, despite the uneven scoreboard.

Shooter Georgia McGrath and centre Georgia Smith were also commended.

The Redeyes’ C reserve suffered their first loss of the season to the Rovers, who held a nine goal lead at full time, 40 to 31.

Sarah Palmer was named best on court for her attacking and defending skills in the centre.

Lisa Landy was also awarded for her efforts as an attacker and defender, along with shooter Temeka Macdonald and goal defender Lou Hanmer.

Blighty’s Under 17s couldn’t match the power and consistency of the Rovers, suffering a 13 goal loss, 26 to 13.

Alex Barry, Sophia Mitchell and Mikky Ackers were all awarded for their efforts.

The Blighty Minis had a great game against the Roos, with all 16 girls showing good sportsmanship and enthusiasm.

Defenders Jessie Hanmer, Jaz Mckenzie and Ellie Gowel were all commended on their skills on the court.

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