Results reversed in B grade games

June 20, 2017

United's Brian Moore swoops in on Victory's Adrian Mulham in open.

Victory's Will King and United's Alex Rose compete for the ball in the open competition.

Everyone was keen after the week break from soccer and perhaps a few players watched world soccer during that time as there were some impressive free kick performances in the Open games and excited goal celebrations.

Reminder that soccer will be played on Saturday, July 1 and don’t forget soccer training is available on Thursday from 5pm.


A grade: This time round Heart were able to restrict Mariners’ attackers with great defending, especially Shelby Nevinson. Mariners defended well in the first half keeping Heart attackers under control but lost concentration in the last 10 minutes allowing Heart to score a few quick goals.

United worked hard to keep level with Victory, however player injury affected their defensive line in the second half. Congratulations to Luke Todd who played an excellent defending game for United as their needed sub.

Heart 4 def. Mariners 0. Best: Brody Flight, Blake Davey-Sheridan. Sportsmanship: Jonothon Dover, Bethany Jansen; Victory 2 def. United 0. Best: Jack Celli, Tom Kirk. Sportsmanship: Alvin Cooper, Zach Tangey

B grade: Victory 4 def. Roar 0. Best: Liam Ford, Ben Hayes. Sportsmanship: Jock Muldoon, Cory Freimuth; Mariners 3 def. Glory 2. Best: Luke Holloway, Joshua Todd. Sportsmanship: Coby Lynch, Tanaku Maunganidze; United 7 def. Heart 0. Best: Treh Salan, Kirsten Yuan. Sportsmanship: Ted Bradford, Harley Hicks.

C grade: Xander Strong and Henry Robinson were both in goal kicking form kicking the three goal maximum allowable. It was the second time teams have played each other and this time results were reversed in both games.

Heart 4 def. Mariners 0. Best: Xander Strong, Connor Wilson. Sportsmanship: Ted Wren, Tomas Murray; United 3 def. Victory 1. Best: Thomas Ives, Cameron Busby. Sportsmanship: Curtis Astill, Seth Stevens.

D grade: Mariners 3 def. Heart 2. Best: Sebastian Neiley, Zoe Harvey. Sportsmanship: Bentley Hardman, Sam Conallin; Victory 1 def. United 0. Best: James Gatacre, Sam Raison Sportsmanship: Elka Connolly, Jorja Jansen.

Open grade: Great to see the Open games so popular with plenty of eager players, supporters and a family affair with four Jansens on the Mariners’ team this week.

Heart 2 def. Mariners 1. Best: Bailey Hart, Denis Jansen. Sportsmanship: Sean Geary, Charolotte Strong; Victory 3 def. United 2. Best: Will King, Nicole Jansen. Sportsmanship: Angie Ison, Jamie Nielson.

Round seven draw:


A grade - Victory vs Heart; B grade - Mariners vs Victory, Heart vs Glory, United vs Roar; D grade - Victory vs Heart, Mariners vs United.

10.30am: A grade - Mariners vs United; C grade - Victory vs Heart, Mariners vs United; Joeys and Kangas.

11.30am: Open grade - Victory vs Heart

12.30pm Open grade - Mariners vs United.

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