Pre-school Suns visit Allawah

July 12, 2017

The Suns group enjoyed a great day visiting the staff and residents at Allawah.

The Yarrawonga Pre-School ‘Suns’ group visited the staff and residents at Allawah Special Care Hostel recently.

The excursion was initiated by one of the class members Zeke, who asked if the students could one day visit his mum’s workplace.
It just so happened that this was also the workplace of Patrick’s mum Beth.
The ladies at Allawah had busily prepared activities for the children to take part in with the residents. There was painting, stamping, colouring, stickers, games, floor puzzles, fruit platters and chocolate frogs.
While the pre-schoolers were there they discovered that not only does Zeke’s mum, Shannon work there, but he also has an aunty and a grandma there too as well as his great grandmother being one of the residents.
It was lovely to see all four generations of the family there at the one time.
The visit was a wonderful learning experience for both the children and for the elderly residents who got so much delight out of the enthusiastic and chatty Suns children.
Thank you to the wonderful staff not only for their generosity but for making the Yarrawonga Pre-Schoolers feel so welcome.

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