David a member since he was 11

July 15, 2017

David Lang with his 1916 'T' Model Ford

David Lang has the oldest and one of the most recognisable cars of the Deniliquin District Veteran & Vintage Car Club.

Mr Lang received special recognition last year when his ‘T’ Model Ford marked its 100th birthday.

Lovingly restored to its original glory over the last 30 years, it is certainly a showstopper at any meet or rally he attends.

‘‘This ‘T’ Model has been well rallied locally as well as in Victoria, being a member of the Victorian Veteran Car Club as well,’’ Mr Lang said.

‘‘A veteran car is one built before 1918.

‘‘I have owned ‘T’ Model Fords for the last 40 years, and I bought this one about 30 years ago.

‘‘Before that I had a 1924 ‘T’ Model Ford one tonne truck.’’

Mr Lang obtained his 1916 ‘T’ Model through the ‘T’ Model Ford Club, and he said it was in fairly poor condition when it came to him.

‘‘It required heaps of work,’’ he said.

‘‘I had to restore the body, put on a new hood and side curtains and I added the traditional diamond button upholstery.

‘‘The motor was entirely rebuilt and the wheels had been painted over so I restored those too.

‘‘It’s certainly been a labour of love for the last 30 years.’’

Mr Lang’s love for the ‘T’ Model was fostered in him from an early age, thanks to his grandfather.

It led to him joining the Deniliquin District Veteran & Vintage Car Club well before he even had his own vehicle.

He was just 11 when he became a member of the club in 1969, two years after it was formed.

‘‘My grandfather would always talk about ‘T’ Fords, so I grew up hearing about them.

‘‘I went along on my own to become a member of the club, and I would go with other people in their cars to rallies (until I got my own).

‘‘It has been a great social club and caters for veteran, vintage, classic and special interest vehicles,’’ he said.

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