Parrot’s long distance love affair with Rochy

July 18, 2017

Annette Bolitho was one of many who visited the parrot while it was in Rochester.

HOW LONG is it from Rochester to Howlong?

One parrot who paid a visit to Rochester’s Lawrie West last week could tell you it is around 180km as the crow, or in this case, parrot flies.

The female eclectus parrot landed on his kitchen window ledge after making the journey from its home in southern NSW.

‘‘It hung around awhile and stayed on the ledge when I went outside,’’ Mr West said.

‘‘When I approached it the bird flew to my shoulder, so I fed it with some seeds.’’

The parrot took a liking to Mr West, flying back to him each time he went outside.

‘‘Then we started looking for ways to find its owner,’’ he said.

‘‘Using Facebook a friend directed us to a notice about a missing parrot she had seen a couple of weeks ago, in a brochure headed ‘What’s On In Howlong’.

‘‘From this we found a phone number and the lady who answered said she would report the news about our parrot to the person who had lost it.’’

The beauty of technology brought together bird and owner but not until after a sleepover.

‘‘One thing lead to another and the owner rang mid afternoon Saturday to arrange to pick the bird up,’’ Mr West said.

‘‘Unfortunately, this couldn’t be until Monday morning, so we were left with the challenge and responsibility of looking after the bird until then.

‘‘It took up temporary and messy residence in our spare bathroom, eating quite a bit of fruit and selected seeds.

‘‘In those couple of days we had quite a few people call in to see the parrot.’’

Mr West said the owner told him the bird had been missing for 13 days.

‘‘Its whereabouts remain a mystery but for whatever reason it somehow made it to Rochester and by then was more than happy to abandon its freedom,’’ he said.

‘‘We were also informed that had we wanted to buy a parrot like this we would be looking at a price tag around $700.’’

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