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August 09, 2017

Corowa Golf

Tuesday, August 1
Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Bruce Pearce 39 pts. Runner-up - Peter Justin 37 pts. Ball winners - Glen McKenzie, Roger Bradford 35 pts, Neville King 34 pts, Laurie Kaviers 32 pts, Tim King, Rob Watson, John Caminito 30 pts.
Golden Oldies – Stableford: Winner - Tom Bennett 15 pts. Runner-up - Don Stuart 13 pts. NTP - Alan Nicol. Ball winners - Rob Packer.
Wednesday, August 2
Ladies Stroke - Monthly Medal: A grade winner - Marg Tobin 77/69. A grade r/up - Donna Rohrich 80/71. B grade winner - Gwynneth Handberg 102/77. B grade r/up - Jutta Wheatley 108/78.’ Ball winners - Kelli Cunningham 94/72, Selina Barkley 89/78, Vera Mason 96/78, Ros Black 99/78, Vera Mason 96/78, Ros Black 99/78. NTP’s (4th) - A grade - Heather Briggs, B grade - Marlene Stuart, C grade - Joan Fletcher. Best gross A grade - Marg Tobin. Best gross B grade - Gwynneth Handberg.
And of course the monthly medal went to Marg Tobin – Congratulations.
Thursday, August 3
Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Joe Lackner 39 pts. Runner-up - Phil Turner 39 pts. Third - Alex McGillivray 37 pts. Ball winners - George Gerard 31 pts, Darryl Herod, Greg O’Brien 31 pts. NTP’s - John Taylor 4th, Robbie Ward 27th.
Saturday, August 5
Ladies Stroke: Winner - Trish Lethbridge 84/76. Runner-up - Sue Patton 97/77. Ball winners - Jutta Wheatley 107/77, Heather Briggs 93/78. NTP - Sue Patton 4th.
Men’s Stroke - Monthly Medal: A grade winner - Leigh Bedford 79/67. B grade winner - Phillip Densten 89/75. C grade winner - Troy Kerry 96/76. Ball winners - Peter Rowan (Medway) 77/70, Trent Vonarx 77/75, Steve Carrick 77/75, Daniel Balzer 93/75, Gary Chappell 88/76, Rod Green 92/76, Andrew Scott 81/77, Peter Tait 85/77, Geoff Nicolls 90/77, Peter Filliponi 88/78, Bruce Pearce 93/78, Ben Taylor 97/78, Gary Davie 84/79, Phill Dunning 90/79. NTP’s - Joe Lackner 18th, Alex Patton 4th.
No winner on jackpot hole (12th), jackpot now 4440.
Scratch Scores
A grade - Peter Rowan 77. B grade - Phill Densten 89. C grade - Troy Kerry 96.
And the medal winner was Leigh Bedford with his net 67. Congratulations Leigh.
Sunday, August 6
IGA Ambrose Stroke: Winners - Sean Conboy, Ben Taylor, Taylor Good and Trent Vonarx 57.37. Runners up - Heather Briggs, Louise Holden, Steve Carrick and Dalton Wegener 58.12.
Ball winners - Chris Given, Adriano Spezate, Adrian Squires and Jacob Schonafinger 58.62, Walter Larkin, Ernest Whitehead, Peter Willcox and Rob Craig 59.37, Matt Goodall, Adam Henderson, Darren Hughes and Craig Scown 59.50. NTP’s - Robert Craig 27th, Andrew Scott 18th.
For your diary: Sunday, August 13 – 27 hole, 4BBB Par sponsored by Kilara Group.
Sunday, August 20 - two person American Foursomes sponsored by Gyles Newsagency.
Sunday, August 27 - play off final - single stableford.
Monday, August 28 – coring of greens.
Wednesday, August 30 - Stableford round 2, J & E Nankervis to be played.

Happy Golfing
“The Bogeyman”

Howlong Golf

Monday, July 31
9 hole Medley Stableford: Winner - Luke Fenner 19 pts. Runner-up - Clinton Munro 17 pts. Ball winners - Margaret Fowler 17 pts.
Tuesday, August 1
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Wazza Norton 44 pts. A grade r/up - Graeme Curtis 43 pts. B grade winner - Robert Blundell 40 pts. B grade r/up - Owen Tittensor 38 pts Ball winners - Bob Ash, David Smith 37 pts, Peter Daley, tony Jelbart 36 pts, John Stevens, Bob Watson, Kevin Murphy 35 pts, Paul Packham 34 pts, Russell Mooney, Keith Lambert, Bill Tomkins, Peter Morton, Mathew O’Halloran 33 pts, Ray Reid, Peter Walsh, Jeff Cashman 32 pts. NTP’s - Wazza Norton 2nd, Robert Blundell 18th.
Ladies Stableford:
Winner - Kay Walker 32 pts. Runner-up - Kathleen Clarke 28 pts.
Wednesday, August 2
Ladies Stroke: A grade winner - Judy Stephens 72. A grade r/up - Gail O’Halloran 73. B grade winner - Robin Stevens 70. B grade r/up - Carol Richardson 72. Ball winners - Jeanette Edwards 73, Chris O’Toole, Heather Sarau, Goldie Reid 74, Lee Nothrop, Eve Byatt, Noellene Wells, Janny Molesworth, Fay Barnes 75, Julie Cox 76. NTP’s - Karie Lowe 2nd, Jan Sutherland 5th, Sue Eisenhauer 8th.
Thursday, August 3
Men’s Silvercolts Stableford: A grade winner - Chris Hansen 39 pts. A grade r/up - Tom O’Halloran 37 pts. B grade winner - John Coughlan 40 pts. B grade r/up - Doug Poole 39 pts. Ball winners - Richard Murray, John Kimber 39 pts, Ian rough, Jeff Cashman, Tom Bennett 38 pts, Graeme Curtis, Graham Clarke 37 pts, Bruce Bengough 36 pts, Terry Mardling, Robert Forrest, Kelvin Shannon 35 pts, John Simpson, Peter Donovan, Patrick O’Keefe 34 pts. NTP’s - Neville Brown 2nd, Michael Hibberson 5th, Mick Kenna 8th, Thomas Larkins 18th.
Friday, August 4
Men’s 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Luke Fenner 20 pts. Ball winners - Russell Schmidt, Gary McLaughlin 18 pts.
Ladies 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Diane I’Anson 20 pts. Ball winner - Heather Sarau 20 pts.
Saturday, August 5
Men’s Monthly Medal: A grade winner - David Smith 66. A grade r/up - Paul Purtell 67. B grade winner - Bill Day 68. B grade r/up - Max Anderson 69. Ball winners - Neville Batt, Chris Hansen 69, Robert Reid 70, Andrew Neilson, Roger Russell, Ian Bain 72, Ian Charles, Robert Watson, John Arthur, Phil Gibbins 73, Nathan Boehm (Commercial Resort) 74. NTP’s - Robert Watson 2nd, Deon Van Der Merwe 5th, Robert Watson 8th, Max Abel 18th. Medal winner - David Smith.
Ladies Stroke: Winner - Melinda Blumoser 72. Runner up - Jean Hansen 73. Ball winner - Fay Barnes 74. NTP - Melinda Blumoser 5th.

Rutherglen Golf Club Ladies and Juniors

Managed to get in our monthly medal this week.
Pat Prescott was the winner on a c/b from J. Williams, and Pat Cooper had a good day putting with 24 puts for the 18 holes.
Well done to those ladies.
The match play events did not take place as it was too wet; they are now on hold until the course can dry out.
As this goes to press, not sure if the Boorhaman tournament will be played, more next week.
Just a reminder our ladies tournament is on August 17 and the club championships will start on Saturday, August 19 and go 19, 23, 26 and final round August 30.
Must play in all four rounds, good luck to those playing.
This Wednesday, August 9 will be stableford.
The Vic Sandgreen championships are being held in Wedderburn this year, think a couple of our ladies are going, the dates are September 6 and 7, not too far away.
Wednesday, August 2- stroke/monthly medal/count putts.
Winner - P. Prescott 123-44-79, r/up on c/b J. Williams 96-17-79, least putts P. Cooper 24, NTP - B. Lloyd 2nd shoot.
Good Golfing
Nothing happening on course this week.
Again, weather was the problem.
We had Paddy and dad, Ryn and dad go to Black Bull on Sunday, August  6 for the North East tournament, will hear more about that next week.
Alf is still on the sick list having a little holiday in hospital, starting to give the nurses a hard time, must be on the mend we hope.
Also not feeling 100 per cent is Campbell, hope you are feeling better, don’t like our star junior out of sorts.
Until next week, take care and practice.

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