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August 09, 2017

Fuel price rip-off

Why is fuel in Yarrawonga so expensive?
I’ve recently purchased petrol in Melbourne for 111 cents per litr and saw servos selling at 108 cents, yet we pay 129 cents here.
Transport costs would account for some of the large gap, but that should be offset to some extent by lower rents and property prices for the Yarrawonga servos.
Fuel prices around the region are lower, sometimes markedly so – it’s 2 to 4 cents cheaper in Rutherglen; up to 9 cents cheaper in Cobram; and a few cents cheaper at the servo near Wodonga. Even pricy Canberra enjoys lower prices than us – by 2 cents a litre last week.
A friend who drove to Adelaide and back mentioned that fuel prices along the way were always lower than Yarrawonga’s.
And the servos along the freeway from Albury to Sydney are cheaper, despite have somewhat of a monopoly position so being able to charge more.  
We did enjoy recently a price drop of 0.1 cents – that’s a 5 cents or so saving per tank. A truly magnanimous gesture by the servos.  
And why do the Yarrawonga servos all charge the same prices? It’s no coincidence.
The trade practices legislation doesn’t allow collusion, but it’s difficult to prove that.
In the meantime, Yarrawonga consumers pay through the nose and a select few benefit.

Mick Shadwick

Family Violence

Praise to the Yarrawonga Chronicle who recently followed up on a Police Report on Family Violence. A subject which few understand. That includes me. I hope to find out more.
This is such an important matter that I would hope that a scientific attack would throw light on it, using well trained research.  Here are a few questions in no particular order.
Could the violence be the result of need for more family income? Is someone trying to dominate the spouse of children? Are the children in any way responsible? If so, which children… young, teens, boys, girls? Is the marriage or partnership a problem? Is psychological help needed? How do others react? How do authorities react? How is alcohol or drugs involved? Is gambling causing violent reactions? Can it be that character traits learned as a young person are causing disagreement?
 I am sure I could think of more, but the lesson is clear, punishing an offender is only a temporary solution. The problem seems too serious in this locality. Who, within our locality is prepared to apply science and intelligence to overcome this scourge?
The above are questions only and not meant to be taken personally.

Ron Neilsen

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