Dressage, show jumping day attacts lots of attention

August 09, 2017

THE Kyabram Pony Club held its dressage and show jumping day on Sunday, July 23 at the Kyabram Showgrounds.

There were more than 65 entries across pony club and open sections in both dressage and show jumping.

Competitors travelled from as far as Deniliquin, Finley and Melbourne. The day consisted of two dressage tests and three showjumping events. Jackpot winners and runner up awards were given to the riders with the most points in each dressage and show jumping section.


Jackpot champions, runner up and high point winners:

Dressage Jackpot: GRADE 1: Winner - Astrid Vinecomb; runner-up - Laura Shwartz. GRADE 2: Winner - Mikayla O’Neill. GRADE 3: Winner - Monique Harrington; runner-up - Peta Neitvelt. GRADE 4: Winner - Abbey Lawson; runner-up - Mackenzie Loughridge; GRADE 5: Winner - Emelia Chrys; runner-up - Tasha Mason; GRADE 5 BEGINNERS: Winner - Ashly Chrys; runner-up - Brianna Birchmore. Dressage jackpot open.

GRADE 1: Winner - Stephanie Horton; runner-up - Nicole Touzel. GRADE 2: Winner - Casey Leijen; runner-up - Brittany James. GRADE 3: Winner - Nicole Touzel; runner-up: Lilly Noles; GRADE 4: winner - Mackenzie Loughridge; runner-up - Ashlen Mawson-rabbito; GRADE 5: winner - Pauline Polly Brodie; runner-up - Rachel Stephenson.

SHOWJUMPING JACKPOT PONY CLUB. C GRADE: winner - Holly Lloyd; runner-up - Alexandra Laker; D GRADE: winner - Astrid Vinecomb; runner-up - Meg Marsden; E GRADE: Winner - Breanna Edwards; runner-up - Abbey Lawson; F GRADE: Winner - Emelia Chrys.


B GRADE: Winner - Annalise Nipperess; runner-up - Lilly Noles; C GRADE: Winner - Lilly Noles; runner-up - Charles Mason; D GRADE: winner - Dakoda Pinton; runner-up - Sam Feldtmann. E GRADE: Winner - Mackenzie Loughridge; runner-up - Jenna Mason. HIGHPOINTS - GRADE 1PONY CLUB - Astrid Vinecomb; GRADE 3 PONY CLUB Meg Marsden; GRADE 4 PONY CLUB - Abbey Lawson; GRADE 5 PONY CLUB - Emelia Chrys; GRADE 1 OPEN - Lilly Noles; GRADE 3 OPEN - Lilly Noles; GRADE 4 OPEN - Mackenzie Loughridge.

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