And the grant did say: ‘‘Let there be light’’

August 10, 2017

Firefighter Christian Barkby and Captain Luke Warren set up an area with lighting while Kyle Williams (right) uses the thermal imaging camera to detect the hotspot.

The Rochester Fire Brigade recently took delivery of a new remote area lighting system which provides a much appreciated boost to the safety of fire fighters in low visibility scenarios.

The grant was set up to allow brigades across the state to purchase equipment they need to improve their capabilities in emergency situations and provide further safety to the public and fire fighters alike.

This system allows crews to bring high powered portable lighting to operations which would otherwise be made much harder in dark or low visibility situations.

The system also allows fire fighters to see hazards around them much more clearly when navigating these dangerous environments, as well as being put to use to light up areas being used in training.

The department has also purchased a thermal camera through donations sent to the brigade from the community, further aiding fire fighters in tackling emergency situations as effectively and efficiently as possible.

This camera can also be charged through the remote lighting system, allowing crews to keep in action on site without the need for extra equipment to take on site.

‘‘The community donations are vital for our work,’’ says Rochester Fire Brigade Captain Luke Warren, ‘‘as they allow us to be more effective at our job which helps the community.

‘‘They help us help them so it comes back around in a circle I suppose.’’

The thermal camera gives the Rochester Fire Brigade a significant edge in their capabilities along with the new remote lighting system, with the camera being one few brigades in Australia have access to.

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