Judi to hold disorder info session

August 10, 2017

Steve Murray behind the wheel of his VN Commodore.

After being diagnosed with Haemochromatosis, Benalla resident Judi McDonald decided to do all she could to help others living with the condition.

Haemochromatosis is the most common genetic disorder in Australia affecting about one in 200 people of Northern European descent.

People living with this inherited condition absorb too much iron from their diet, which over time can lead to an iron-overload, which can cause damage to the liver, heart and pancreas.

The condition can leave people feeling tired, cause joint and abdominal pain and can also cause arthritis.

Once diagnosed, Judi joined Haemochromatosis Australia and now actively promotes their vision, giving up her time to raise funds and awareness.

Part of that was to approach champion V8 driver Steve Murray who was happy to promote Haemochromatosis on his VN Holden Commodore.

Judi will be holding an information day at Bunnings, Yarrawonga, as part of Haemochromatosis Awareness week (August 7 to 13) on Sunday, August12.

●For more information, phone Haemochromatosis Australia on 1300019028 or visit

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