Residents fuming at state of Random House

August 10, 2017

Rochester's Rod McAsey with Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh at the run down homestead.

THE disappointment with the state of Rochester’s Random House has continued with residents taking to Facebook to express their concern.

After member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh called for something to be done to the historic homestead in the Campaspe News article on July 18, residents took to social media to vent their opinions.

Many reminisced about when it thrived as a bed and breakfast.

Shannyn Nichol said she worked there 22 years ago.

‘‘It’s very disappointing to go past and see the state it’s in now,’’ she said.

Joan Sammartino said it is an important part of the Rochester history.

‘‘It deserves to be restored to its historical best and maintained for the future generations,’’ she said.

‘‘It is such a grand old home, that it’s criminal to hear of it being left in this state of disrepair.’’

Although some questions have been raised about the responsibility of the previous tenants all agreed the Department of Health and Human Services should fix it up.

‘‘Regardless of who the tenants were any property is still the ultimate responsibility of the owner,’’ Charmaine Campbell said.

‘‘When any tenant vacates I wouldn’t think that they would be expected to keep being responsible for maintaining a property they no longer occupy.

‘‘I hope that someone does come up with a viable business opportunity that can employ locals and get Random House back to its beautiful state it should always have been in.’’

The Nanneella Community Facebook page shared the post and got further comments, including from Merilyn Phillips who said the homestead could be on the tourist trail of heritage homes.

‘‘The Andrews Government should restore Random House then return it to the people of Rochester,’’ she said.

‘‘Shame on the government for the current state of the building — it is sheer vandalism.’’

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