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August 10, 2017

Twelve candidates are already confirmed for the Edward River Council election on September 9.

At the time of going to print yesterday, six candidates were officially registered to challenge for one of the nine seats on the merged council entity.

Another six had indicated to the Pastoral Times they would stand.

Of the confirmed candidates, three were not involved with the former Deniliquin or Conargo Shire councils at the time of last year’s merger.

Peter Robinson, an accountant who recently relocated to Deniliquin, and Rob Sobolewski, who once served as a Deniliquin councillor, were officially registered this week.

Former Hay Shire councillor Airlie Circuitt, who moved to Deniliquin three years ago, confirmed she would be submitting her nomination documents on Monday.

Also officially accepted to stand are former Conargo Shire councillors Norm Brennan, Norm McAllister and Bernard Clancy, who each previously confirmed their intentions to the Pastoral Times.

Long-time Deniliquin councillor Sue Taylor’s nomination has also been accepted this week, and when asked why she chose to stand the former Deniliquin mayor answered, ‘‘Why not?’’

‘‘I was fortunate to be on the Local Advisory Committee with all the other councillors and I think it will be a very challenging and exciting time for the local area (as a result of the mergers),’’ Mrs Taylor said.

‘‘It’s such a large and diverse area now, and I feel I have the experience to do the job.’’

Mr Sobolewski was a Deniliquin councillor from 1990 to 1994 and says the merger of Deniliquin and Conargo Shire councils presents an opportunity for him to get involved in local government again.

‘‘I lived in Deniliquin for at least 15 years, and the last 15 years I’ve been a resident of the former Conargo Shire,’’ he said.

‘‘I think I have a sound understanding of both areas and their residents.

‘‘I think you can be on council and be a hidden voice, or you can be an advocate, and I have always advocated for the benefit of this region.’’

Ms Circuitt said with her previous experience in both local government and media, covering Hay Shire meetings for the Hay radio station, she has an ‘‘intimate knowledge’’ of the role of a councillor and the Local Government Act.

‘‘I believe the good of the community should be the only reason someone should stand for council,’’ she said.

‘‘I love this community and have an informed contribution I want to make to it.’’

While their nominations had not yet been officially lodged with the NSW Electoral Commission’s appointed returning officer in Deniliquin at the time of print yesterday, former councillors Pat Fogarty, Ashley Hall, Mac Wallace, Andrew Howley and Jeff Shand have all confirmed their candidacy to the Pastoral Times.

The only former councillor to indicate he may retire from local government is former Deniliquin mayor Lindsay Renwick.

But Mr Renwick said he had not officially decided as yet.

‘‘I did seek advice from my brother Kevin (who was also a long serving councillor and mayor of Deniliquin), and I think between the two of us we’ve done our time,’’ Mr Renwick said.

‘‘If there are enough candidates, and I am confident they can take council into the future, I will stand aside.

‘‘But if I don’t have that confidence, I will nominate — I think I owe that to the people of Deniliquin.’’

Nominations for the local government elections close on August 9. They must be lodged with the Edward River Council returning officer, who is based in the Multi Arts Centre in Cressy St, Deniliquin.

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