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August 10, 2017

Friday, August 4 marked Principal’s Day, and I am writing on behalf of Seymour College’s school council in recognition of our principal, Gail Hardman.

Friday, August 4 marked Principal’s Day, and I am writing on behalf of Seymour College’s school council in recognition of our principal, Gail Hardman.

Seymour College is often recognised by its peers in the education community for leading the way in many areas such as inclusive education, teacher-student initiatives and for innovative teaching techniques that are setting an example of how to do things.

This recognition is incredibly deserved and comes as a direct result of principal Mrs Hardman’s unwavering commitment, hard work and dedication to both the college, and to the wider community.

Mrs Hardman’s vision and her passion for education makes the college a wonderful place to learn and this is reflected through not only the continued improvements to the college grounds, but most importantly to the continued improvements to student educational outcomes and the overall wellbeing of the school community.

As parents we send our children to school and trust they will receive an education that will encourage, nurture, teach, and help prepare them for a lifetime of success.

What goes into providing this education is a far greater undertaking behind the scenes and one which begins with sound leadership from a principal who believes that ‘‘every child has the right to learn, given the right opportunities’’.

Seymour College is incredibly fortunate to have a principal whose passion for quality education can be seen every day.

It is through her sound leadership, extensive knowledge, hard work, and her vision for the college that Mrs Hardman and her team ensures the college community continues to grow and to provide students with both positive educational opportunities and an environment which supports them.

The school council sincerely thanks Mrs Hardman and her leadership team — assistant principals Derek Rimes, Graham Wood and Trish Bulluss — for their hard work and commitment every day to ensure Seymour College delivers the quality education and continued success our children deserve.

Happy Principals Day and congratulations on a job well done.

— Tiffany Goodman,

Seymour College

school council president

No dignity in pain

After reading the article ‘Controversy on end of life’ ( The Telegraph, August 2), I find it difficult to understand the opinions on this topic of people who are not affected by a terminal illness, and their inability to understand the pain that can no longer be masked by medication.

Everyone has the right to say ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ in the ending of their own life, if they are told by medical professionals that medication can no longer help in their suffering.

And the church or politicians would have you believe there is dignity in dying of horrendous pain.

— Mick Crozier,


Fix country roads, save country lives

Since New Year’s Day, 87 lives have been lost on Victoria’s country roads.

Our rural road networks are crumbling and urgently need an immediate funding injection to improve safety.

Instead, Daniel Andrews has slashed the regional roads budget by more than $360million since coming to office in 2014.

Every time I speak to regional councils about their concerns, the return of the former Liberal-Nationals governments Country Roads and Bridges Program tops their wish lists.

A recent report by the Municipal Association of Victoria found regional councils are struggling to maintain — let alone upgrade — their roads.

The Victorian Auditor-General also recently reported deterioration of Victoria’s country road network poses a ‘‘growing risk to public safety’’.

Both reports call on Daniel Andrews to urgently fund maintenance works.

The experts have spoken but the Andrews Labor Government is failing to act.

— Peter Walsh,

Leader of The Nationals

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