Water is healthy choice

August 11, 2017

Goulburn Valley Water's education officer Kristy Elrington and acting district manager Jeff Campbell talk to Avenel's kinder children about the benefits of water, and show them how much sugar is in some popular drinks.

Avenel Kindergarten has just become water only, which means staff and students have committed to only drinking tap water on kinder's grounds.

Healthy choices are good choices for children at Avenel Kindergarten, which has just become a water-only venue.

By signing up to be a part of Goulburn Valley Water’s Water Only Kinder Program, staff and students have committed to only allowing tap water to be consumed on kinder grounds.

‘‘By discouraging sugary drinks at kinder, we hope to convey a healthy message to children, with potential to also change community attitudes,’’ GVW education officer Kristy Elrington said.

‘‘The purpose of this program is to encourage staff, students and their families to make smart choices about what they drink.’’

Ms Elrington and GVW’s acting district manager Jeff Campbell paid a visit to the kinder last week to talk to the children about healthy drink choices, and the importance of drinking plenty of water.

They discussed how much sugar is in some popular drinks, and encouraged the children to make the right choice to ensure they remained as healthy as possible.

The pair also provided each child with a drink bottle, stickers, magnets and oral health goodies to ensure they stayed on track with the water-only message.

The children are being encouraged to fill up their new bottles at home and throughout the day at kinder to keep hydrated.

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