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August 11, 2017

Mariners’ Ashley Hart (left) chases Victory’s Bruce Maunganidze in Open grade on Saturday.

The sun was out but boots were tested this week with wet and slippery conditions for both players and spectators in Deni District soccer on Saturday.

Unfortunately access to the carpark is difficult in wet conditions and the club asks drivers to take care.

The club also reminds players to bring their best smiles tomorrow for team photos.

Each game will be stopped briefly to get a team shot.

Results, A grade: Victory 4 def. Mariners 1. Best: Isaac Thompson, Sophie Bashford. Sportsmanship: Nathan Ho, Jessie Hart.

Heart 4 def. United 1. Best: Jamika Cooper, Harry Kirk. Sportsmanship: Meg Taylor, Morgan Kirk.

B grade: Victory 3 def. Roar 1. Best: Jessica Dover, Dexter Hardman. Sportsmanship: Phoebe Selleck, Murray Clancy.

United 9 def. Heart 0. Best: Charlie Paton, Kirsten Yuan. Sportsmanship: Caitlyn Saunders, Andrew Smith.

Glory 2 drew Mariners 2. Best: Hamish Baker, Micah Jansen Sportsmanship: Josh Todd, Cody Lynch.

C grade: Victory 4 def. Mariners 3. Best: Seth Jennings, Nicholas Yuan. Sportsmanship: Fletcher Campion, Amy Hollaway.

United 3 def. Heart 1. Best: Cameron Busby, Cameron Busby. Sportsmanship: Lara Strong, William Frost.

D grade: Heart 4 def. United 2. Best: Travis Hanns, Sam Raison. Sportsmanship: Sam Conallin, Neveah Salan.

Mariners 2 drew Victory 2. Best: Bentley Hardman, James Gatacre.

Open grade: Victory 2 def. Mariners 1. Best: Bayden Thompson, Jacob Hird. Sportsmanship: Angie Ison, Stuart Taylor.

Heart 2 def. United 1. Best: Bailey Hart, Kai Romanin. Sportsmanship: TK Naidoo, Brian Moore.

Round 12 draw for tomorrow:

9.30am: A grade - Heart vs Mariners; B grade - Mariners vs Victory, Heart vs Glory, United vs Roar; D grade - Heart vs Mariners, Victory vs United.

10.30am: A grade - Victory vs United; C grade - Heart vs Mariners, Victory vs United; Joeys and Kangas.

11.30am: Open grade - Heart vs Mariners.

12.30pm: Open grade - Victory vs United.

Canteen duty: Tracey Ho, Sharnie Cellie, Jade Hull.

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