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August 11, 2017

Bring on climate debate!

FROM 1974-1976 Time magazine, Newsweek and National Geographic wrote major warnings of entering an Ice Age predicting great loss of life. 1977 ‘‘climatologist’’ Stephen Schneider wrote, ‘‘Global cooling presents humankind with the most important social, political and adaptive challenge we have had to deal with for 110,000 years. The survival of ourselves, our children, our species’’. In 2006 his narrative is the same warning but now it is global warming. Lack of evidence brought us climate change!

Tim Flannery predicted drought, our city’s dams will all dry up. Ten years ago Al Gore told us that the Northern Icecap would melt in five to seven years and the polar bears would all die. Polar bears increased! Labor and Greens oppose coal powered electricity but enthusiastically support export of coal.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant! Life could not exist on Earth without CO2. More CO2 means better crops. We are told ‘‘the science is settled’’. No scientist could say that. Lets have a national debate, show us what you have. If you don’t respond it means you have no scientific evidence!

Laurie Wintle, Kyabram

On the road to ruin

SINCE New Year’s Day, 87 lives have been lost on Victoria’s country roads.

Our rural road networks are crumbling and urgently need an immediate funding injection to improve safety.

Instead, Daniel Andrews has slashed the regional roads budget by more than $360 million since coming to office in 2014.

Every time I speak to regional councils about their concerns, the return of the former Liberal Nationals government’s Country Roads and Bridges Program tops their wish lists.

A recent report by the Municipal Association of Victoria found regional councils are struggling to maintain – let alone upgrade – their roads.

The Victorian Auditor-General also recently reported deterioration of Victoria’s country road network poses a “growing risk to public safety”.

Both reports call on Daniel Andrews to urgently fund maintenance works.

The experts have spoken but the Andrews Labor Government is failing to act.

Peter Walsh

Member for Murray Plains

Going cool on warming

ACCORDING to official records Kyabram has just recorded its coldest August day, 7.9 degrees, which surpasses the previous lowest maximum for August of 8.3 in 1981.The lowest maximum temp ever recorded in Ky was 3.8 degrees and that was in June 1989.

So much for Global Warming!

Neville Hunter, Kyabram

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