Bo is good value for all riders

August 11, 2017

Bo is a popular choice among RDA riders.

The Seymour centre for Riding for Disabled has provided an opportunity for riders to have fun, increase self esteem and love and learn about horses.

The Telegraph looks at some of the horses that make it possible for Riding for Disabled to operate here in Seymour.

It’s so hard to find good RDA ponies.

I came all the way from Portland to Seymour and cost a lot of money but I reckon I am good value.

I am a pretty grey pony called Bo.

Did you know in the horse world, unless you are an albino with pink eyes, you are always called grey and never white, even if you are.

I am used in nearly every session because I am small enough not to be threatening, and I am happy to walk and trot freely — unlike some of those lazy really little ones such as that hopelessly spoilt Sugar thing.

Because I can be a bit fresh and bored I get ridden by the big people before the kids come, which can be a bit of fun and it’s a good opportunity to remember all my skills — thanks Kirsty and Tanya.

It’s much better than being lunged which I don’t really like and if I must do it I only go one way which took them a while to work out.

This mob is pretty good at looking after all of us and I am very fond of Mary and Linda who make sure we are safe and fed, as well as getting our hooves and teeth done.

Mary is very kind to me because she lets me wear a rug in the winter. She says it’s to keep my white coat clean, but I say it’s to keep me warm.

There isn’t much Mary doesn’t know about caring for us and she is the first to notice if things aren’t right.

She and Linda come nearly every day, all the way from Avenel, and when they don’t Lindy pops over to make sure we are all safe and sound.

We have special paddocks to live in at the back of Kings Park, thanks to the Quarry people at Mawsons.

Sometimes we have to live in the Jenny Craig paddocks which is definitely not fun but Mary says we are not allowed to get fat — what I want to know is, why aren’t the humans in with us? There are a couple who would benefit from a few weeks in there!

My favourite activity is races.

I pretend, because I am only 13hh. I need a start so that makes winning easy.

I have two special riders — Charlie and Corey.

Charlie is riding really well now and I am looking forward to playing some seriously fun games with him.

Corey is deaf so I have to help him a lot but he is cottoning on and I am quite used to the silly noises he makes especially when he is happy. My aim is to get him riding by himself by the end of the year.

Being an RDA pony is terrific because each fortnight we get to change lives for the better and have fun while doing it.

What more could you ask for?

— Gay Lewis,

RDA head coach

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