Sheep sale

August 13, 2017

There was an increase in numbers at Deniliquin saleyards on Tuesday as the first drafts of new season lambs came forward.

Quality across the 3000 young lambs was very good, with the majority presenting as heavy trade weights with seed-free skins.

They attracted a bigger field of meat buyers than has been attending recent winter markets at Deniliquin, including one of the major domestic processors.

The selection of old season lambs was mixed and sold accordingly, with buyers favouring the better pens of well-presented trade lambs in shorter length skins.

Price results were dearer than a fortnight ago with demand for new season lambs very solid.

Young lambs sold to a top of $166, with bidding for the main drafts of domestic lambs weighing 21-24kg tracking tightly at $146 to $160.

In carcase terms, an estimated range of 620c to 670c/kg covered most sales, with buyers expecting returns of $9 to $10 for skins.

There weren’t many light weight young lambs on offer, the few pens presented making $108 to $116 to processors.

In the old lamb section a pen of heavy exports over 30kg sold to a top of $181, with the next best sale at $170.

Demand was keenest for trade weight lambs and the better bred and finished types improved to average over 600c/kg carcase weight (cwt).

There were some large lines of plainer conditioned Merino lambs which benefited from stronger competition for light lambs suitable for the MK export trade.

Bidding for the odd clean-up pens of a few lambs was selective and reflect some of the lower carcase prices recorded across the sale.

The sheep sale was firm to a few dollars dearer across a limited yarding.

Heavy crossbred ewes sold to $133 and Merino ewes to $132.

The better pens of Merino mutton improved to trend above 400c/kg cwt.

Included in the sale was a reasonable number of hoggets, including ram hoggets and Merino hoggets with some lambs mixed in, and the varied nature of some pens was reflected in results.

Top prices:

Suckers – Holden Past Co, $166; IR Landale, $164; B & SG Pisasale, $162; Oakwood Partners, $159.20.

Old Lambs – A & J Thomas, $181 and $170; D Knight, $160; WE & J Macdonald, $151.

Sheep – B & SG Pisasale, $133; Suncentre Pastoral Co, $120; D & A Bull, $117.60; Cathcart Nominees, $117.

~ Details provided by Meat and Livestock Australia and Geoff McCallum of Elders Deniliquin, on behalf of the Deniliquin Associated Agents.

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