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September 08, 2017

Berrigan Shire Council is running a fruit tree removal program.

Do you have unwanted fruit trees in your backyard? Does fallen fruit make a mess of your yard every year?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, it is time to get in touch with Berrigan Shire Council and register your interest in participating in a fruit tree removal program.

Queensland fruit fly is a huge problem in our towns and is a threat to our horticultural industry.

One of the worst breeding grounds for fruit fly is ripe fruit left lying on the ground.

If you no longer tend your fruit trees you are contributing to the problem and possibly causing your neighbour to lose their tomato crop.

‘‘In all the work that has been done at council on the fruit fly problem, the most common issue we hear is complaints about neighbours letting fruit rot on the ground,’’ Cr Matt Hannan said.

‘‘We have heard from many residents who have given up on their vegie garden because of fruit fly-infested trees in their neighbours’ yards,’’ he said.

‘‘A program has been launched in Victoria to remove unwanted fruit trees which is being funded by the state government, however, that is not the case in NSW.

‘‘Berrigan Shire Council feels very strongly about this issue and is investigating ways to fund a fruit tree removal program, but we need to know the community interest in participating, hence the expression of interest form.’’

The best way to protect backyard fruit and vegetables from Queensland fruit fly is to net with specific fruit fly netting.

Traps will not kill all fruit flies but are good indicators that fruit flies are around.

A form has been delivered to every urban household in Berrigan Shire, which can be returned to the shire office or any of the libraries, or interest can be registered online via the council website or social media pages.

●For more information, phone Berrigan Shire Council on 58885100.

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