Brian Mills

October 11, 2017

Brian Mills, Helen Dalton, Austin Evans and Peter Robinson.

I am standing because I can remember being 11 and it was necessary for us to win a war for me to reach 12.

Now 70 years on and I have produced this website,, but I seem unable to be allowed to debate with the front runners to compare their plans and mine relating to :

1. Remove barrages and reinstate estuarine conditions in the Lower Lakes. This was Nature’s Way for millions of years.

2. Disband the Murray Darling Basin Authority and return irrigation water. Previously Broken Hill had water, Menindee Lakes did not have blue/green algae and there was water in the Darling River.

3. Ban cancerous orange concentrate in hospitals and Meals on Wheels. Australia manufacturers produced all of our healthy orange juice.

In 1941 the war was against the Japanese. Now it is against those who have produced laws which have killed our manufacturing and made us dependent on cheap imported and unhealthy food. This war is far more dangerous.

I also want to reduce collusion of three tiers of government and encourage pensioners to join Seniors United Party Australia (SUPA) for 2019.

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