We created holiday fun

October 11, 2017

Local kids enjoyed the Kyabram Baptist Church holiday program.

LOCAL kids were all smiles after five days chock-full of fun at Kyabram Baptist Church’s holiday program.

With the program centering on the theme of “creation”, kids spent each day learning about various aspects of the world’s creation.

While there were crafts, stories and music galore, program coordinator Vanessa Coombs said morning teas were the biggest hit.

“Each morning tea the kids made matched up with the day of creation we were learning about,” she said.

“So we had sea creature waffles, star biscuits, chocolate ball caterpillars and cupcakes with light and dark to reflect the creation of day and night.”

In addition to satisfied tummies, kids also left the program at the end of the week with a “creation book” filled with what they’d learnt.

The program offered an opportunity for children to join together for a fun, positive week of fellowship.

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