Helen Dalton

October 11, 2017

Brian Mills, Helen Dalton, Austin Evans and Peter Robinson.

I’m standing as a candidate because our current representatives have underperformed. We need to hold them to account for sitting complacently on a perceived ‘safe seat’ and failing to recognise local expertise and knowledge.

Murray deserves better.

State policies should be building on the resilience and adaptability of our communities and local environments, not trading that off for political purposes, funding and ideologies!

Murray requires immediate movement in the backlog of infrastructure spending. Less talk, more walk.

Murray deserves decent access to hospitals and health services. We need genuine local input, bottom up financing and minimum staffing requirements to be implemented immediately. Our neglected hospitals desperately need upgrading. I am so impressed with the people in our regions who are bravely speaking up for our community health needs.

A vote for me is a vote for a powerful voice in Parliament on sensible and fair water management. I will not be silenced into accepting poor outcomes or second best or further risks for any of our vibrant, productive Murray communities and environments.

NSW needs sensible energy policies to secure affordable base load power supply.

We must reverse the devastating decision to ‘lock up and leave’ a sustainable forestry industry. Generational businesses have been severely impacted by ideological policy that has failed to recognise the true historical contribution of this industry.

Unlike the ‘status quo’ I will not be directed by inner city, career politicians and bureaucrats.

The Murray electorate will direct me.

What matters to you also matters to me.

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