Peter Robinson

October 11, 2017

Brian Mills, Helen Dalton, Austin Evans and Peter Robinson.

#1: New South Wales (alone or with Victoria): Does ‘quick rain check’ to learn if SA’s South-East Drainage and Goolwa Barrages, as currently set-up, are best environmental option for SA’s Coorong & Lower Lakes.

#2: Put next campus of Murray Darling Medical School in a town not a rural city: Deni, Leeton, Wentworth?

#3: Reduce political pensions (Mr Piccoli?): On a dollar for dollar basis, for any non-parliamentary income.

#4: Funds to Advertise: River Red Gums rarely grow to maturity, away rivers and creeks, without ‘pruning’.

#5: Equity in council mergers for residents of Edward River Council (+$27M) and Murray Shire (+$20M): Match money per head granted to Murrumbidgee Shire residents (administered by Mr Austin Evans).

#6: Drop Inland Rail farce if no ‘produce stop’ in western Riverina food bowl: Use money saved to improve safety for our indispensable intra-regional trucking force. Consider reopening Narrandera-Tocumwal line. Put steel, paper shipments (ie reason for Inland Rail farce) on actual ships, using our ‘existing’ sea lanes.

#7: Help Eradicate Ice: Impose $250K fines on privatised prison operators for each positive illicit drug test on inmates. After 12 months, roll out lessons learned by the private sector to government operated prisons.

#8: Stop Cruelty to Feral Animals: Pay bounties for all direct head shots. End 1080 baiting, aerial shooting.

#9: Legislate: End common law protection for lawyers (and expert witnesses) for their negligence in court.

#10: Education: Team sports for all children in primary schools; charity work for all children in high schools.

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