Expert talks all things platypus

October 11, 2017

Australian Platypus Conservancy Biologist Dr Melody Serena and billed friend.

GEOFF Williams from Australian Platypus Conservancy (APC) will visit Kyabram Fauna Park this Sunday to share the mysteries of one of Australia’s great animal icons.

And to talk about how we can ensure this incredible creature stays protected.

‘‘The platypus is one of the world’s most amazing animals,’’ Geoff said.

‘‘This furry, warm-blooded mammal lays soft-shelled eggs like a lizard, uses its bill to navigate underwater, and sorts out arguments with the help of venomous spurs. But what about the platypus’s own environmental needs? How is the species faring in the wild? And what needs to be done to ensure that populations survive in our local rivers and creeks?’’

Geoff Williams has been studying platypuses in the wild since 1994 when he helped found the APC, an organisation dedicated to researching platypus conservation needs.

Prior to his work with the APC, Geoff was the director of Healesville Sanctuary for five years and assistant director of Sydney’s Taronga Zoo for three years.

Geoff has presented numerous public talks on platypuses at venues throughout Australia, including the National Museum in Canberra and the Melbourne Museum (on behalf of Australian Geographic). Organised by the Goulburn Murray Landcare Network, Geoff’s free illustrated talk will be held at Kyabram Fauna Park on Sunday, October 15 from 2pm.

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