Man dies after vehicle leaves road and hits tree

By Benalla Ensign

A man has died following a car crash in Benalla on Monday evening.

It is believed the driver and sole occupant was travelling south on the Hume Fwy when the vehicle he was travelling in left the road and collided with a tree about 5.35pm.

Police have identified the man as a 40-year-old from NSW, but are yet to release details of how the crash occurred.

SES Deputy Controller Sarah Ford said she was not sure what happened in the lead up to the collision.

‘‘At 5.38pm we received an emergency page to say there was a car accident on the Hume Fwy with a male trapped by his legs,’’ Ms Ford said.

‘‘When we got there we were told by the ambos that they wanted him out of the vehicle as quickly as possible.

‘‘So we worked on the car and managed to free his feet, at that point the ambos got him out.’’

Unfortunately the man could not be saved.

Ms Ford said there was no way to tell if another vehicle had been involved, but there was only the one car when they arrived.

She also confirmed the man was the only person in the vehicle.

The stretch of road where the crash occurred has been the site of several accidents in recent history and Ms Ford said the frustrating thing was the SES was unsure why.

‘‘I think the main thing it comes down to is drivers maybe not paying attention or possible fatigue. It’s difficult to speculate because we don’t know why,’’ she said.

‘‘That part of the Hume from Benalla to Violet Town has been quite busy with accidents, for some reason.

‘‘It’s a timely reminder for people to be vigilant on the road, to take regular breaks and to slow down.’’