New challenge for beloved educator

By Benalla Ensign

Benalla’s Ride Avenue Pre School will be a different place after May 11 when Andy Littler has her last day.

Ms Littler has been a pre-school and pre-kinder teacher at Ride Ave since 1997 and is now moving on to a new position with Merri Health.

‘‘I’m moving to a role in the Ovens and Murray region, dealing with the NDIS,’’ Ms Littler said.

‘‘After 21 years this is a huge move.

‘‘I started here back in ’97 when our pre-kinder was established.

‘‘I’ve had my second generation of children coming through now.

‘‘So I’ve been with families from the birth of their children through to seeing them married and having their own babies, who then came to pre-kinder.

‘‘So I got to see that whole circle of life, kids turn into parents, parents have turned into grandparents. It’s a beautiful thing.’’

Ms Littler said making the decision to move on was difficult, but after gaining a bachelor degree a couple of years ago now was the right time.

‘‘My message to the families and teachers I’m leaving is to just enjoy your children while they’re still young,’’ she said.

‘‘School will teach them to read and write, your job is to teach them how to be curious about the world and how to be a kind person.

‘‘For my colleagues and for the kinder, I’d just like to say I’ve been truly blessed to have some really good mentors in the teachers that have been here.

‘‘They’ve all taught me a lot and believed in me and I guess that’s why I’ve got the courage to leave here and see what else is out there.’’