Adoption animals

By Benalla Ensign

Adoption dogs

Bull Arab X, White and Brindle, Male, 1 year ‘Buddy’

Staghound X, Brindle, Male, 2 years ‘Bear’

American Bulldog X, 4 years, male, ‘Detroit’

English staffy, 2 years, male, ‘Dozer’

Adoption cats & kittens

Maine Coon X, Grey Tabby, Male, 4 years ‘Samson’

Medium hair, Ginger and White, Male, 2 years ‘Rudy’

Short hair, tabby, male, 11 months ‘Phil’

Short hair, tabby, female, 11 months, ‘Lillian’

Short hair, torti/white, female, 1 year ‘Lola’

Short hair, ginger, male, 5 years, ‘George’

Short hair, grey tabby, female, 4 years, ‘Smokey’

Short hair, white, male, 6 years, ‘Snowy’

Short hair, ginger tabby, male, 11 years, ‘Albert’

Short hair, black and white, female, 4 years, ‘Kitty’

Medium hair, White, Female, 2 years, ‘Dutchess’

Medium hair, Champagne, Male, 4 months, ‘Toby’

Short hair, Champagne, male, 4 months, ‘Edward’

Multiple kittens also available.

●Wangaratta RSPCA, 1 Connell St, phone (03)57222874.