Business gets dose of reality

By Cobram Courier

The team at Cobram Motorcycles and Mowers will make its national television debut next week.
The small business will get expert advice from Australian entrepreneur Mark Bouris as part of Channel Seven’s new series The Mentor. 
Mark will take apart the businesses and dig deep into the lives of its owners, helping them to have a chance at survival and success.
Described by his family as a perfectionist, owner Ron Wilson has owned the business for more than 40 years, providing sales and repairs for small engines on mowers, motorbikes and golf carts.
Ron’s son Reid, daughter Shelley and son-in-law Bradon are all eager to take the pressure off Ron and bring the business into the modern era.
But Ron is finding it difficult to hand over some of the operations to his family.
Shelley’s frustration led her to put a call in to Mark to be part of an intervention.
After seeing an ad on TV, Shelley was inspired to create a short video and apply for the show.
‘‘It was only a 30-second video and I deleted it after I sent it because I was embarrassed by it,’’ she said.
‘‘I didn’t think any more of it until I got an email two days later asking for more information about the business and our family.’’
Shelley said there was a lot of stress in the family because of the business and she believed an outsider’s perspective was needed to help her dad hand over some responsibility.
‘‘Dad is having trouble turning the business over to us. He’s a micromanager and wants to know everything that happens,’’ she said.
‘‘That creates a lot of problems over silly things that can be avoided.
‘‘Working with Mark was a great experience. He was really down to earth and had an impact on Dad. We are enjoying a more relaxed Ron and I feel we are much closer as a family thanks to Mark.’’
Shelley said the family was surprised how much went into making the final product.
‘‘We did a week of filming in February. There are a lot of takes even for a reality show like what we did,’’ she said.
‘‘What you see on TV is a long way from the work that goes into making it. We were very thankful for the patience and guidance of Mark and the camera crew.’’
The episode will air on Monday at 9pm on Channel Seven.