MIL board member backs Sides

October 13, 2017

Chris Brooks on his Barooga property.


I am one of the existing seven directors on the board of Murray Irrigation and am not actually up for re-election this cycle.

There is presently a letter being circulated purportedly from the board specifically endorsing some board members for re-election and not others.

Without breaching any specific confidentiality of board procedure I want it known that I was not present at the meeting where this decision was made and apparently supported by the majority of board members — another three of whom are obviously conflicted, as they are up for re-election.

I want it known that I am not at all in support of this statement, and do not support what I believe to be a flawed process, or in my opinion a breach of confidentiality and unity of a board of management.

Furthermore, because of this unacceptable attempt to distort the democratic election process, I am happy to publicly throw my full support behind the re-election of James Sides and the two new candidates, Waander van Beek and Phil Snowden, all capable businessmen in their own right with a wealth of experience, who are serious about making a change to reduce costs and will stop giving away company water. These guys can buy their own lunch and speak their own mind.

It is blatantly obvious we need new blood on this board to be the majority over the existing members so we can form a positive policy going forward. A policy to deal with the MDBA plan, that suits all growers in the MIL area, not sections, and a policy to deal with the 450 gigs and not just roll over and accept whatever politicians want to do for their relevant state or party.

We need co-operative open minded directors who can and will unite all of the communities in the MIL for the long term benefit of all.

Vote 1, 2 and 3 — van Beek, Snowden and Sides in any order — if you want to make a change at Murray Irrigation. Your call.

Yours etc.

Chris Brooks

Barooga Park

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