Candidates respond - Peter Robinson

October 13, 2017

Peter Robinson (far right) with Brian Mills, Helen Dalton and Austin Evans.

To assist you with making your choice, we asked each of the candidates five questions relating to some of the most topical issues affecting this region. They questions were:
1. How will you improve water policy, productivity and confidence in the Murray Valley irrigation district?
2. Do you support converting the Murray Valley National Park to a Murray Valley State Forest to reinstate sustainable timber harvesting? If ‘yes’, what will you do to ensure this occurs?
3. Will you commit to retaining the NSW Police Local Area Command headquarters in Deniliquin? Would this commitment be supported by your party?
4. How will you ensure the retention of services and staff at Deniliquin Hospital? Do you support community calls for there to be government investment to make it a regional hospital?
5. Will you commit to retaining an electorate office in Deniliquin?

1. Through my ‘Sydney knowledge’ of how to win city voters to our cause. From now until the 2019 Federal Election I would not touch land in Deni with a barge pole. If my proposal gets up, that changes immediately.

2. Yes. Arrange a ‘nudie’ calendar, to market our sexy timber cutters love of outdoors; and educate people state wide, that we need to selectively fell river gums, to give them enough root space, so they grow big.

3. Definitely not. Command headquarters does not add to police on the beat. Relocation of NSW Police Local Area Command to Albury opens up the option I campaigned for at the recent local election: More appropriate use of our new $18 million waterfront building. Given infrastructure either side, that use is obvious.

4. My call is for police to exit new $18m building on Edward River (smack centre of Ochre Medical and Deni Hospital). Landscape the lot into a health precinct. Then add ‘Murray Darling Medical School’ campus.

5. No. Waste of your money. I live here. As elsewhere in the electorate, people of Murray will be welcome to make appointments to meet me on government matters at public venues including clubs, pubs, cafes and restaurants. Will do rotating visits to regional areas. All appointments published on Parliamentary records.

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