Candidates respond - Ray Goodlass

October 13, 2017

To assist you with making your choice, we asked each of the candidates five questions relating to some of the most topical issues affecting this region. They questions were:
1. How will you improve water policy, productivity and confidence in the Murray Valley irrigation district?
2. Do you support converting the Murray Valley National Park to a Murray Valley State Forest to reinstate sustainable timber harvesting? If ‘yes’, what will you do to ensure this occurs?
3. Will you commit to retaining the NSW Police Local Area Command headquarters in Deniliquin? Would this commitment be supported by your party?
4. How will you ensure the retention of services and staff at Deniliquin Hospital? Do you support community calls for there to be government investment to make it a regional hospital?
5. Will you commit to retaining an electorate office in Deniliquin?

1. I strongly support ecological sustainability and a healthy river system, on which we and our environment depend.

Accordingly, I am campaigning for water security for the environment, agriculture and urban communities, and for proper oversight of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan through the Greens plan to establish a Sustainable Water Institute, which has been fully costed.

2. Generally the Greens do not support the conversion of National Parks to State Forests as it would likely result in unsustainable logging and the destruction of the habitat of native fauna, meaning that in the long run both the environment and the community lose out.

However, I would of course examine this particular proposal in detail before making a final judgement.

3. Yes, and the party would support it within the framework of a reformed criminal justice system.

As things are at the moment serious reform of the system is needed and retaining any Local Area Command without reform would be of very limited value.

4. By implementing the Greens Health policy for regional and rural NSW, which includes among other provisions ‘‘The Greens NSW Health Policy provides for universal access to public hospitals that is needs-based rather than dependent upon health insurance status, providing access to staff for all residents, who have a comprehensive skill mix, including health care professionals such as doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and health promotion officers, who are provided with appropriate facilities and equipment’’.

5. Yes, as it will help the democratic process through continued decentralisation.

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