Strathmerton stays on top of tough match

By Cobram Courier


Strathmerton d Berrigan 56-39

Strathmerton fought a hard game against a tough opposition in Berrigan.

Up by two at half-time, the Bulldogs put their foot down in the third quarter and kept it going for the rest of the match.

It was great to have so many versatile players in one side that can all work together and good to see them putting together four consistent quarters.

Congratulations to Molly Coburn on making her A-grade debut. It was also great to see juniors stepping up.

Awards: Best on — Hope Sim, Strathy Pub — Caitlyn Price and KAFS Fruit Supply — Molly Coburn.


Strathmerton d Berrigan 61-44

Strathmerton started well and was able to extend its lead in the second quarter to set up for a good win.

It was amazing to have Kell and Lones back on the court. Both had exceptional games and looked like they had not been away from the game at all.

Awards: BOC and Strathy Pub — Amy Martin, Ambience — Kelley Laidlaw and KAFS Fruit Supply — Leonie Wren.


Strathmerton lost to Berrigan 38-53

The girls held their own in the first half, keeping it to only one goal down at half-time. Berrigan’s attack did not miss any goals and chances for rebounds or turnovers in the second half.

A big welcome back to Jess Bailey this week after a small knee operation last year.

Awards: Mug — Nicole Hughes, Strathy Cafe — Lisa Bramich and KAFS Fruit Supply — Brooke Mackenzie.


Strathmerton d Berrigan 40-9

The girls took a great lead in the first quarter and stayed strong all the way through.

The defence was dynamic, resulting in many turnovers which set up a great win. It was an awesome team effort.

Awards: Best on — Aimee Fletcher, KAFS Fruit Supply — Kerry Edgar and Supreme Meats — Olivia Van Every.


Strathmerton d Berrigan 41-17

It was a slow start to the game but it didn’t take long to find momentum. Strathmerton adjusted well to lots of changes throughout the game. There were some fantastic passages of play but still some basic skills let the side down.

A big congratulations to superstar Molly Coburn on her A-grade debut.

Awards: Subway — Emma Bailey and Strathy Cafe — Rachael Scott.


Strathmerton lost to Berrigan 19-31

Strathmerton played a great game against Berrigan. Once again the girls showed so much improvement and should be very proud as so many parents have commented on how much they have improved.

They didn’t give up and kept fighting until the end. Even though they didn’t win, the girls went out and had fun.

Awards: Strathy Cafe — Trinity Watson and Intersports — Taylah Logie.


Strathmerton d Berrigan 23-2

Strathmerton’s defensive pressure was dynamic, which resulted in many turnovers and held Berrigan to two goals for the game. Many of those turnovers came from the efforts of Jaella.

The coaching staff is very proud of all the girls and how much they have improved in such a small amount of time.

Awards: Strathy Cafe — Jaella and Makayla.