Tilders wins medal

October 13, 2017

Simon Tilders stood tall in B grade with a score of 63 net to also claim the Monthly Medal in Deniliquin Golf Club’s stroke event on Saturday.

The D grade winner Ron Titchener also scored 63 net, while Sarah Lugsdin claimed the ladies’ medal and C grade with 67 net.

In A grade it was John Radeski with 69 net winning from Troy Grant with 70, while Dean Irwin was runner-up in B grade with 72.

Shaun Mills was runner-up in C grade with 70 net and Brian Dudley’s score of 70 was enough for him to be runner-up in D grade.

On Wednesday it was Dan Wade with 42 points who claimed A grade in the stableford event, with Barry Attwood runner-up on 40.

In B grade it was Bob Landy with a score of 41 points edging out Bill Day on 40.

The Pickers Cup will be played on Sunday, with the Holden Scramble day to be held next Sunday.

On Sunday, October 29 the club will host the South School Charity Day.

The following week will be the start of Summer Sixes, the weekly nine-hole event kicking off on Monday, November 6. Team entries to be placed at the pro shop.

Tonight will see Friday night meals and raffle, with the Joker’s Wild up to a whopping $4900 jackpot.

Last week’s results:

Saturday October 7, stroke Monthly Medal:

A grade J Radeski 69, r/u T Grant 70; B grade S Tilders 63, r/u D Irwin 72; C grade S Lugsdin 67, r/u S Mills 70; D grade R Titchener 63, r/u B Dudley 70.

Ball comp: S Tilders, R Titchener, S Lugsdin, S Mills, T Grant, V Kelly, B Dudley, D Hunter, J Bayle, B Bourke, D Ring, K Jennings, J Begg, D Irwin, A Gorsuch, R Begg, R Parks, G Willis, P Seely, L Daley, B Barlow, J Jeffrey, T Howe, N Nicholas, W Hodgson, K Simpson, I Campbell, Chris Thomson, G Rodda, K Pearce, P Joice, P Lloyd, A McKinnon, C Mitsch, C Thompson, J Radeski, D Ramsey, D Douglas c/o 74.

NTP: 2nd J Poka jnr, J Choice; 5th Chris Thomson, S Mills; 9th J Hunt, B Dudley; 11th P Lloyd, J Bayle; 13th J Poka jnr, G Rodda.

Wednesday October 11, single stableford:

A grade D Wade 42, r/u B Attwood 40; B grade B Landy 41, r/u B Day 40.

Ball comp: D Wade, B Landy, B Attwood, G Willoughby, C Thomson, M Williams, R Williams, J Rhook, P Davis, J Hunt, J Radeski, B Day, N Purtill, T Grant, B Jennings c/u 35.

NTP: 9th J Radeski, Andrew Hall.

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