Pass on love of books

By Cobram Courier

Parents are being encouraged to take up the challenge of reading more books with their children to inspire a love of reading.

Thousands of families are expected to take part in this year’s Premier’s Reading Challenge for the early years, which encourages reading to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Parents, grandparents, carers, childcare centres and kindergartens can help children complete the challenge by reading 40 books with them before September.

Trikki Kidz Cobram’s Trudy Brooks said the challenge was something the early learning group would encourage.

‘‘It will certainly be something we will promote to families to register for, but it will be a very individual thing for them to take up. We have had many families participate in the past,’’ Mrs Brooks said.

‘‘We offer a free library of books in a basket in our foyer. We invite children to borrow them and return them when finished.

‘‘We are fortunate to always have an excellent supply of pre-loved books in fabulous condition courtesy of families, educators and local thrift shops.’’

Research shows regular reading with children from the day they are born is a simple way to boost literacy and numeracy skills and improve performance at school and future job prospects.

More than 8000 children and families took part last year.

The challenge will be accompanied by a digital campaign promoting the benefits of books for young children, including interviews with authors and ideas on great books to share with youngsters.

●Families can register online for the Premier’s Reading Challenge at for the Early Years. Visit or your local early childhood service.