Grammar one of a kind in Cobram-Barooga

By Cobram Courier

■What are some characteristics or qualities about your school?

Our school is unique being the only P-12 School in Cobram. It is built on the pillars of integrity (to be honest in all you do), endeavour (to try your hardest no matter the obstacles) and community (to look after one another) – it is the motto of our school.

Our focus as an Anglican Grammar School is on academic excellence, as well as offering a broad and extensive curriculum.

■Why should parents consider your school as an option to send their children?

Cobram Anglican Grammar School has a mainstream core academic curriculum aligned with current Victorian curriculum guidelines.

We are leaders in the field of curriculum development and are proud to offer a broad range of electives to all of our students.

Specialist elective classes for middle and senior year students include agriculture, music, textiles, woodwork, metalwork, drama, food studies, art, ICT and outdoor education to name a few.

Our VCE curriculum continues to grow, and students have a broad choice of subjects and the opportunity to focus their studies as they move towards tertiary study and employment options.

Highly-skilled staff members provide quality educational opportunities in a caring and pastoral atmosphere at the school, which combines every advantage of a small rural school with the expectations of a much larger school.

■What does your school offer in terms of extra-curricular activities, camps and trips?

Cobram Anglican Grammar School offers a broad and varied sports program and extra-curricular activities. Students compete in local and interschool swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals and a range of team sports through the summer and winter sports programs.

Our school also offers co-curricular opportunities in the areas of instrumental music, with students having access to tuition in guitars, drums and vocals.

The school’s musical productions have proven to be great successes, with each production showcasing the musical and dramatic talents of our students.

Our students have enjoyed success in public speaking competitions and have taken on the creative and intellectual challenges posed by the Tournament of the Minds, the ‘GROK’ coding program and human powered vehicle events.

Our students also have opportunities to express their civic mindedness through their involvement in the Moira Shire Youth Council and GRIPLeadership programs.

All primary and secondary students enjoy access to excursions and camps. Complementing the many personal development and curriculum related excursions and incursions, we have a comprehensive camping program.

Overnight stays begin in junior school and ‘age and stage’ appropriate camps are available to all middle and senior school students, ranging from the goldfields of Ballarat, to the attractions of our national capital, Canberra, to outdoor education and environmental programs along Victoria’s coast line. In the senior years the focus of our camps’ program moves to preparing students for the opportunities of post-school life; with driver education, careers, study skills and tertiary study and employment opportunities all featuring.

In addition to these trips, biennially, we also offer ‘one-off’ opportunities. Past trips have included Central Australia/Northern Territory and Tasmania.

Our 2017 trip saw staff and students travel to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Houston, Texas) to take part in Space Camp. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students and they returned excited and inspired by their trip.

In the coming years, we look forward to further opportunities for travel, with the possibilities for international service trips being explored.

■How does your school or facility support students in arts subjects including dance, drama, music, visual arts and media arts?

Our school has a strong history of supporting arts and performance. Students from P-10 have timetabled arts classes every week and music and performance are an integral part of all P-6 syllabi.

In Years 7-9 students enjoy art, textiles, drama and music through our arts/technology programs and VCE art and visual design continue to be popular courses for our senior students.

The addition of our Performing Arts Centre and the extension of our arts and technology precinct have added to our ability to extend our students’ experiences in art and performance.

Our students also enjoy access to co-curricular instrumental music tuition and the exciting ‘Cool Skools’ program has enabled our students to have their performances professionally produced, mixed and recorded. And bringing together the many facets of arts and performance, our school has a strong tradition of performance through our musical productions, such as In Search of a Song and Legally Blonde.

■What are your school’s key milestones and achievements over the past year?

We are very proud of the continued development of our grounds and facilities. The completion of our Performing Arts Centre has provided a wonderful space for our students in which to perform music and drama, with a music and recording studio part of our future plans. The PAC has also become the focal point for our school community, allowing all members of our school community to gather for activities and to share their experiences.

Further additions during the past year include our dedicated STEAM centre, which has allowed for the continuing growth of science, technology, engineering, arts and maths curriculum; extensions to our arts and technology precinct to include dedicated woodwork, textiles, metal and automotive program; and the continued enhancement of our grounds and recreation facilities.

We have also continued our focus on supporting the personal growth of our students through our partnership with the Resilience Project, helping our students to build their confidence, strength and happiness through integrated programs across all three sub-schools which aim to promote and foster the principles of gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.

■What are your favorite activities or hobbies outside of school?

Apart from enjoying time with my family, I am committed to providing valid and educational opportunities for those in our school community of a school age. I love being part of the vibrant Cobram Community and my goal is that the town continues to grow in educational excellence.